Skin Tightening Videos

The Doctor Walks Us Through a Mini Lift Procedure

Dr. Dilip Madnani performs a mini lift on this 50-year-old woman done under local anesthesia. She went back to work in 5 days after the operation. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Neck and Chest Lifts with Ulthera

Dr. Kent Hasen's physician assistant, Brandie Gostigian, explains the benefits of a non-surgical neck and chest area lift with Ulthera. VIEW NOW

See the Procedure: InMode BodyTite Thigh Lift

Dr. Gilbert Lee demonstrates the InMode RFAL BodyTite procedure. The patient had significant skin laxity and sagging on the upper thighs. VIEW NOW

Incisionless Thigh Lift With InMode

Dr. Gilbert Lee prepares to perform the InMode RFAL BodyTite procedure to the left thigh of this patient. VIEW NOW

Preparing for a BodyTite Thigh Lift (Pt. 1)

Dr. Gilbert Lee explains how this woman exhibits no sagging skin on her thighs in a seated position. He prepares to treat this patient with InMode BodyTite to the left thigh. VIEW NOW

See the Difference a Neck Lift Can Make

Dr. Malik Kutty explains how a sharp jawline and neckline can be achieved in around 90 minutes with a neck lift procedure. VIEW NOW

The Benefits of Getting a Neck Lift

Dr. Raj Ambay discusses the effects of aging on the neck over time, as well as why many people get a neck lift. VIEW NOW

BTL Exilis Ultra for Neck Tightening and Fat Reduction

Dr. Jason Emer explains how BTL Exilis Ultra combines ultrasound and radiofrequency energies and causes the skin to tighten and the fat to reduce. VIEW NOW

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Erbium Laser Resurfacing for Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Reduction on the Neck

Dr. Neda Vanden Bosch demonstrates an erbium laser resurfacing procedure which will tighten this woman's skin and minimize wrinkles. The downtime is approximately 5-7 days. VIEW NOW

PDO Threads for Upper Lip Lines

Dr. Steven Weiner explains how PDO threads work. They are inserted to improve volume and lip lines. After 4-6 months, the thread is replaced with collagen which lasts for several months after that. There is no downtime. VIEW NOW

Before & After: Non-Surgical Neck Skin Tightening With ThermiTight

Dr. Michael Zadeh discusses ThermiTight, a minimally-invasive skin tightening treatment that uses a tiny probe to deliver radio frequency energy just beneath the surface of the skin. VIEW NOW

Incisionless Neck Lift With Inmode RFAL

Dr. Gilbert Lee explains how Inmode radio frequency-assisted lipolysis shrink wraps loose skin by heating tissue beneath the surface. Radiofrequency is focused and targeted for safe skin tightening and a scarless, painless neck lift. VIEW NOW

How Facial Sagging Can Be Treated

Dr. Heidi Waldorf is live in New Orleans at ASDS 2016 to share treatment options for loose skin and sagging around the face. VIEW NOW

The 6 R's of Beauty

Live from ASDS 2016 in New Orleans, Dr. Mark Taylor talks about the six "R's" of beauty. VIEW NOW

See What a Thread Lift Procedure Looks Like

Dr. Mi Ran Park shares these step-by-step photographs of what a thread lift treatment is like. VIEW NOW