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Wrinkley Skin on Upper Arms? (photo)

I am a 57yr old 160cm weighing 53 kilos. I have always been fit and this weight my problem is wrinkely skin that has appeared on my upper arms bicep... READ MORE

What is the best most effective treatment for upper arm loose skin.

I am a healthy 62 year old woman and have lost 65-70 lbs. in the last two years. READ MORE

Non-surgical Treatment for Hanging Skin After Weight Loss?

I'm 52 year old and just lost 60lbs on a diet program. I now have skin hanging on my abdomen and upper arms and I did walk and use resistance bands... READ MORE

How long does radiofrequency take for upper arms?

Hi, I am thinking of getting radio frequency for upper arms. I am 128 pounds and 5'65. I just have a slight flab. Am wondering how long is each normal... READ MORE

Based on amount of loose skin under arm is surgery only option or could exercise tighten me up? (photo)

In my 40s...with loose skin under my arms...most visible when I put my arms out to the side :/ Curious if I commit to lifting heavy and building... READ MORE

How can I tighten my skin on inner upper thighs and upper arms?

Have had 2 kids and gained 65-80 lbs with each pregnancy then lost it plus a little more. Have I stretched my skin to no hope or can it be fixed. It's... READ MORE

What treatments would work to tighten, to some noticeable degree the inner thighs, lower butt, upper arms and stomach?

After extreme weight loss the skin left behind is saggy, jiggly, exceeded excessive and sun texture is dry and dimply. Muscular tone is lose and lacks... READ MORE

Can skin tightening procedures reduce and possibly even eliminate the appearance of cellulite?

I lost about 60 pounds 17 years ago, and also had liposuction about five years after my weight loss, to get rid of areas of fat that were not... READ MORE

What are the best non-surgical skin tightening lasers out there for the body, not face?

I've lost 70 lbs over the last 15 years, which has led to loose skin. I'm concerned about my upper arms, upper abs, & outer thigh area. While it... READ MORE

What types of non invasive surgeries are there for flabby skin?

Specifically the upper arm and belly area? I don't have significant extra skin but enough to need tightening.Also how much do procedures usually cost... READ MORE

What is the best non invasive way to remove fat and tighten my skin?

Had the face done, now need the following recommendations for non invasive work for the following: upper arm fat and skin tightening, love... READ MORE

Procedure for Crepey Skin on Upper Arms?

Is there a surgery for removing loose, crepey skin on upper arms? Have seen it done on Discovery Health. Do you recommend it? READ MORE

How can u tighten loose skin upper arms??

My arms have loose skin that shows hate it!!! thank you very much for your help READ MORE

What Treatment Is Best for Upper Arms and Neck Tightening

What Treatment Is Best for Upper Arms and Neck Tightening READ MORE

Crepey skin and saggy skin

I'm 65 and have developed some crepey looking skin on my upper arms and thighs. Will an exercise routine to tone those muscles do anything to fill out... READ MORE

Is there nowadays a tool to firm loose skin upper arm? (photos)

The muscles are tight, nearly no fat, sun dammage of the skin and the typical wrinkles of a elderly woman (60). READ MORE

I'm 20 (male). Am I too young for laser skin tightening? (Photo)

Hey guys. I'm in shape. I got muscles. I protect my skin. My skin is generally flawless. All I have is some minor drooping skin at the bottom of my... READ MORE

12 days after HIFU treatment on my upper arms, I still have severe numbness and pain from my wrist to elbow. Is this normal?

12 days ago I had a HIFU treatment on my upper arms for skin tightening. A number of times I felt something like a electric shock in my right arm from... READ MORE

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