Will Laser Treatment Improve my Lined Crepy Upper Arms at 63 Years of Age

I am 63 fit and slim, but my upper arms are lined and crepy. I have tried hard with weights to improve them but, without success. My thighs are the same. Would laser treatment help?

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Laser for arms and legs

Non-ablative lasers like IPL don't help with crepiness of the arms and legs because the skin is too thick to be effectively treated there. You might be able to be treated with a Skin Tightening laser like ReFirme, and I do sometimes treat patients with ReFirme over VelaShape, which helps to heat the underlying skin. But you will not be as effectively treated as with a CO2 or arm lift procedure performed by a plastic surgeon. However, these two procedures will have a much longer downtime and rate of recovery.

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Laser for arms and legs

Typically laser therapy will not be effective at tightening wrinkles on the arms or legs. The face can tolerate more powerful laser treatments because it has an excellent blood supply, but if a full CO2 laser resurfacing procedure were performed on an extremety there is a good chance of permanent damage.


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