Wrinkley Skin on Upper Arms? (photo)

I am a 57yr old 160cm weighing 53 kilos. I have always been fit and this weight my problem is wrinkely skin that has appeared on my upper arms bicep area. I had thermage done which was unsucessful and my money $2,800.00 refunded. Is brachioplasty my only other option also would being prescribed & using Retin-A Tretinoc acid help?

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Loose skin/ cellulite of upper arms

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Hello summerlee1, thanks for your question and photos.  The treatment of loose skin/ cellulite is a difficult one.  This condition, whether it is on the upper arms, thighs, or buttock region, is due to a combination of soft tissue/fatty deflation with concomitant sun damage, loss of elastin in the skin with aging, and irreversible dermal damage.  Although a number of new lasers come out every year purporting to be the latest and greatest treatment for these, I have found little to modest improvement from these that often require multiple treatments.  Currently, the best solution for more significant amounts of loose skin is a body-contouring surgery, in your case a brachioplasty or arm lift procedure.  There are several versions of this depending on the amount of your laxity, with the spectrum of incisions beginning just in the axilla/ arm pit area, and the most aggressive requiring an incision all the way down your inner arm.  Without getting a better picture or a full examination, it is difficult to assess to what extent you will need.  If you are interested in further treatment, I would recommend a thorough consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area.  Hope that helps! - Dr.92660.

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Arm Wrinkles

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For this very problem and that skin just above the knees I have been using the Cellulaze laser with great success.  For my practice, this has been a short out-patient treatment.  Lymphatic drainage done right after the procedure has also helped.  Good luck!

Treatment of “Wrinkly Skin” of Arms?

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Thank you for the question and pictures. It is difficult to give you good advice based on the photographs provided but some general thoughts may be helpful to you. Arm lifting surgery is generally the most effective way of dealing with loose skin of the upper arm. However, this procedure is only effective if the area of skin involved is the lower part of the upper arm ( what some patients will call their “bat wings”). In other words, this the area of “wrinkly skin” involves other areas of the arms (for example overlying the biceps), then arm lifting surgery will not be effective.

 Personally, I would suggest that you  probably avoid  nonsurgical modalities as well (including medications and lasers).  You will likely be disappointed with the results…

 I hope this helps.


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