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What's the Best Treatment for Sagging Skin on my Knees?

Is there anything out there to help this problem? I hate when I wear shorts or a skirt and look down at my sagging skin on my knees. Is there anyway... READ MORE

Crepey Loose Skin Above Knees and Inner Thighs? (photo)

I am 30yrs old with slight wrinkling above the knees and the beginnings of loose skin on the inner thighs. I'm very active with about 23% body fat... READ MORE

Skin Tightening on Inner Elbows and Knees?

Lax skin on the inner elbow/arms/tops of knees: I have heard Gentle Yag Laser, Velashape and CoolLipo may help these areas with skin tightening? Does... READ MORE

What, if any, non surgical procedure would help to tighten the skin on my knees? (Photo)

I am a 40 years old with the knees of a 65 year old! I understand Ultherapy is not approved for knees, is there a non-surgical procedure which could... READ MORE

What Treatment Options are there for Tightening Skin Around the Knees?

Would like to get some type of skin tightening around the knees. What are some treatments out there that work for this? READ MORE

Is there anything that can help loose skin at the knees? (Photo)

I am 45 with loose skin around and above the knees. Would a knee lift we worth it in your oppion with it leaving a scar. READ MORE

What are some non-surgical ways to help my thighs and knees saggy skin and that is not as expensive as plastic surgery?

Lost alot of weight. My thighs and knees are very saggy. Can't afford plastic surgery. Other alternatives to help my skin. READ MORE

What's the best laser for skin tightening on thighs?

Someone recommended the Reaction laser for tightening the skin around my knees. Do you agree? Is there another laser that would provide skin... READ MORE

What is the best method of skin tightening above the knee and the thigh?

What is the best method of tightening skin above the knee and the thigh? How soon after liposuction can you have skin tightening done? READ MORE

What is the best method ok skin tightening for inner thigh and above the knee?

What is the best method ok skin tightening for inner thigh and above the knee? READ MORE

What is Difference Between Cavitation and Monopolar Radiofrequency Machines?

I am looking for skin tightening around my knees moreso than fatloss. I am 56 and thin but have some sagging and would like to know more about this... READ MORE

Loose, Crepey, Dimply skin above knees. What can be done surgical or non-surgical? (photos)

I am 53 years old and in pretty good shape. The thing that is terribly bothersome is the skin above my knees is horrible, wrinkled, loose, crepey and... READ MORE

Sagging Skin on Knees

Can lipo work or simply skin tightening with surgery READ MORE

What's the best treatment for knees, and the sagging skin above the knees and on upper thighs? (photos)

I had lipo on my upper thighs years ago to use the fat for fat grafting. The doctor explained that he couldn't do my knees and the skin above because... READ MORE

Is there a way to tighten skin without invasive surgery?

I have lost only 20 lbs but my skin is sagging - especially my thighs and above knees. Can anything be done to tighten the skin that is not invasive... READ MORE

I have totally lost my shape. Just a lot of sagging skin especially butt and stomach. What can I do?

Have lost 60 pounds quickly -a lot of sagging skin -thighs, knees, arms and gross butt and gross stomach.I didn't try to lose this weight. Was 220 lbs... READ MORE

I would like a recommendation for a Miami/Broward plastic surgeon who has performed extensive body contouring surgeries.

I have not had massive weight loss but had liposuction and the skin on my thighs is very sagging especially over the knee area. I have not seen many... READ MORE

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