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L-Glutathione Effectivity with Vitamin C?

How effective are L-Glutathione pills when supplemented with Vitamin C for greater absorption rates? Thanks! READ MORE

Can a vitamin c serum be used on dark skin?

I am an African American woman with dark skin and I'm thinking about adding a vitamin c serum to my daily regimen. Can vitamin c be safely used on... READ MORE

Is liquid hydroquinone just as effective as a cream form or is it better?

I've heard liquid hydroquinone is more effective than a cream form because it penetrates better. I know the Obagi C Rx line has a liquid form of... READ MORE

What is the best alternative to alpha lipoic acid? What glutathione/antioxidant combination should I take for best whitening?

I am taking alpha lipoic acid (I added ALA lastweek on my supplement intake) together with other antioxidants (for whitening purposes) and I notice I... READ MORE

Is there side effects using Glutathione and Vitamin C pills for Skin Lightening treatment?

Hi, I was suggested Glutathione and Vitamin C pills combination for skin whitening. Before I start with his, just wanted to check if there are side... READ MORE

Using Glutathione Injections or Supplements?

Hi, I'm south asian and 22 years old. I've a light yello-olive skin tone.I've been using pure Vitamic C cream every morning to get a better skin color... READ MORE

How to get rid from my dark upper lip? (Photo)

I am 24 years old upper lip is so dark.i am using SERUM containing tea with milk I the reason behind this? I like to drink tea...... READ MORE

Can msm, vitamin c lighten my skin effective?

Currently I am trying to whiten my skin and I am using the following Glutathione. Capsules Msm powder Vitamin c Will it lightens to 3 shades from my... READ MORE

I've had glutathione and vitamins c iv for my skin whitening, do I have to continue to do it once a month?

After getting the shade I want, do I have to continue to do that once a month? If not , will my skin go back to normal shade before? Did glutathione... READ MORE

My face and neck area is darker then the rest of my body. What can I do or use to help lighten it?

My face and nick area is darker then the rest of my body by few shades which is obvious and embarrassing.. what can I do or use to help lighten it .... READ MORE

Will Vitamin c and L-cysteine make my skin pale permanently?

I have very light natural tanned skin but I am thinking of getting a porcelain white skin via vitamin c and l-cysteine intake.I was wondering ,if I... READ MORE

Will a vitamin c serum lighten my skin?

I have dark skin and wanted to add a vitamin c serum to my regimen. I purchased skinceuticals 15% vitamin c serum. I don't wish to get any lighter.... READ MORE

I want to take glutathione with vitamin c, how long will it remain in the body?

Interesting in taking glutathione with vitamin c,how long its action remain in body, after decrease of d action how many tym a person can take dis... READ MORE

About Skin whitening Pills?

My color is brown and i have scares & pimples on my face .how can i get rid off acnes & make my flace fair. is it safe to use vitamin C 3 for skin... READ MORE

Vitamin C serum making my skin dark?

I've recently started using Klairs 5% vitamin c seum in the morning and use a sunscreen of spf 50 after that. At night I use OST original 20% vitamn c... READ MORE

Is Glutathione safe for Skin Whitening and effective?

Hello Doctor, I am 22, Male. I have got a dark skin, mostly due to to my job of outdoor sales, I am frequently out in the sun during 10am-4pm. Do you... READ MORE

How long can I use glutathione pills and vitamin C to lighten skin?

I have a dark brown skin (similar to Kelly Rowland) and I would like to lighten it by 1-2 shades. I was advised to take glutathione pills with vitamin... READ MORE

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