Headache + Sinus Surgery

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Chronic Sinusitis After 4 Sinus Surgeries. Can Anything Else Be Done?

I am 24 years old, and have had 4 sinus surgeries, latest one being January 2012. Now, 7 months later, I have intense sinus headaches and sinus... READ MORE

I'm having severe headaches & pain in my nose. Is this normal?

I had a Balloon sinuplasty, Nasal turbanet reduction & Sinusitis 2 weeks ago. READ MORE

Excising Supraorbital and Supratochlear Nerves for Headache Relief?

I experience an almost daily headache in the left brow region. The pain is specifically located at the start of my left eyebrow. Sinus scans have not... READ MORE

Why is she getting major headache and head full of mucous after stents in nasal passage for sinusitus?

Daughter has had stents in on Friday, no swelling or bruising but nose getting fuller of mucous and headaches occurring...is this normal. READ MORE

Did I really need sinus and nasal surgery? (Photo)

I did sinus exploration and nasal septal deviation surgery. i didnt have headache before but after the surgery (2 weeks now) i started to feel... READ MORE

I've had sinus headaches for nine months now with no relief. What is the next step? What could the problem be?

My doctor has tried three different antibiotics, but the pressure is not going away. A CT scan confirmed right maxillary sinus disease. At the time... READ MORE

How can I get relief from my sinus headache?

I dont have a runny nose most of the time when i have a sinus headaches. generaly most of the time its hard for me to breathe through the right... READ MORE

Is this a sphenoid sinus infection? (photos)

I get headache on top of my head on the left side. Very precise area and pressure. Feel tired most of time and antibiotic haven't work. Is this... READ MORE

Can your sinus canal break loose and cause you to have bad headaches?

I had a very bad headache and felt something pop in my upper left temple .everysince then i have bad headaches,i went to the dr. and they say my sinus... READ MORE

Could I have Silent Sinus Syndrome? (photos)

Eyes have hollowed dramatically over last month. I am experiencing soreness, dry eyes and headaches. Prior to this happening my nose has changed shape... READ MORE

Infection after implants and sinus lift. Are headaches normal?

I had a sinus lift and four implants in upper jawbone. It has been now four weeks since my surgery and I still have some pain and it feels to be... READ MORE

Post sinus problems?

I need help I had fess and a sphnoidotpny and balloon sinusplasty 4.5 weeks ago! I have an infection now as my head is pulsating I have awful... READ MORE

Is it normal to have bad headaches after surgery?

I have had my surgery Tuesday the 21st of Tuesday last 4.5 hours explant up lift and lipo to three areas. My vaginal has swollen so huge it looks like... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage For Sinus Inflammation of Nose?

I want to check the sinus inflammation problem of my nose by the doctor not the plastic surgeon because I feel headache and nose pain sometimes. I am... READ MORE

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