Chronic Sinusitis After 4 Sinus Surgeries. Can Anything Else Be Done?

I am 24 years old, and have had 4 sinus surgeries, latest one being January 2012. Now, 7 months later, I have intense sinus headaches and sinus congestion again. My septum was fixed on the first one along with endoscopic, the second one was endoscopic, and the last 2 i believe were a combination of endo and balloon, also removal of polyps. Is this something I will just have to live with for the rest of my life? Can anything else be done?

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Failed sinus surgery

Continued infection after sinus surgery can be from poorly controlled allergy, acid reflux, immune deficiency, low vitamin D, cystic fibrosis and its variants, aspirin sensitivity syndrome, recurrent nasal polyps, fungal sinusitis.  Other systemic conditions with nasal manifestations such as Wegeners granulomatosis, sarcoidosis, ciliary defects may also cause ongoing symptoms.   With intense headaches migraine must be considered.   Unfortunately if the openings into the frontal sinuses were damaged it may be hard to restore them.  May be useful to visit with a nationally recognized expert in sinus disease.  Hope things work out.  Dr. Loury

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Treatment for Chronic Sinusitis; Their May Be Hope Yet.

Chronic sinusitis can be chronic for a reason. Even if the sinuses are open, the mucosa may be damaged and the sinuses may not drain normally. Nasal polyps can block sinuses, and scar tissue and swelling can close off the very narrow frontal sinuses. Biofilms are a bacterial layer recently discovered in the sinuses that can damage the delicate tissue of the nose. Your doctor may prescribe "Wilson's Solution" which is a combination of saline, steroid, and baby shampoo to help wash away the biofilm. Too much surgery on the nose can cause "empty nose syndrome" that can feel like chronic sinusitis. I would get another opinion from a sinus surgery expert. Ask to see and have your CAT scans explained to you.

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What to do when sinus surgery fails?

Sinus surgery is usually very successful in eliminating sinus problems.  Sometimes, despite our best efforts, symptoms persist.  When this happens, it is usually because of a problem known as biofilm.  This can be very difficult to eliminate and usually does not get better with more surgery.  Other issues that can lead to persistent symptoms include acid reflux, sinus migraines and fungal sinusitis.  It may be time to seek another opinion.  The best place to start is with the American Rhinologic Society.  These are ENT doctors who have a special interest in the nose and sinuses.  

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