Silicone Injections Videos

A Doctor Removes Silicone Micropellets From the Buttocks

Watch as Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian removes silicone micropellets from the buttocks after a botched Brazilian butt lift. VIEW NOW


Can You Reverse Silicone Injections?

What can you do about silicone injections? Dr. Mel T. Ortega explains. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Removes Silicone Injections From the Pubic Area (GRAPHIC)

After getting silicone injections to her pubic area, this woman experienced pain, swelling, and changes to her skin color. Now Dr. Remus Repta is here to help. Watch the procedure. VIEW NOW

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WARNING: Self-Injecting is Playing With Fire

Dr. Donn Chatham addresses an alarming trend of self-injecting or injecting parties at which individuals will often inject foreign substances into consumers. VIEW NOW

Illegal Silicone Injections: What You Need to Know (Spanish)

Dr. Carlos Alberto Rios Garcia introduces a series of educational videos about Latrogenic Allogenosis and A.S.I.A. Syndrome caused by illegal silicone injections into the body. VIEW NOW

Do Illegal Silicone Injections Cause Autoimmune Reactions? (Spanish)

Dr. Carlos Alberto Rios Garcia explains the implications of a biopolymer injections into the body. VIEW NOW

Identifying the signs of Illegal Silicone Injections (Spanish)

Dr. Carlos Alberto Rios Garcia discusses the signs and symptoms of Latrogenic Allogenosis and A.S.I.A. Syndrome as they relate to illegal substance injections into the body for volume. VIEW NOW

Illegal SIlicone is the Horrible Gift That Keeps on Giving (Spanish)

Dr. Carlos Alberto Rios Garcia explains how autoimmune disorders that occur secondary to the injection of biopolymers become silent invaders. VIEW NOW

Reconstrucción con endoscopia alternativa esperanzadora (Spanish)

Dr. Carlos Alberto Rios Garcia explains the new alternative to removing biopolymers with minimal incisions and the help of video endoscopy. VIEW NOW


Liquid Silicone Injections: What Are They Doing to Your Body? (Spanish)

Dr. Carlos Alberto Rios Garcia explains the problems with permanent injectable fillers and his technique for helping patients rid their body of these harmful and potential deadly substances. VIEW NOW

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How to Spot Illegal Injectables

Dr. John Martin gives some pointers on how to determine if the injectables you're considering might be illegal substances that could do more harm than good. VIEW NOW


Temporary Fillers vs. Silicone Injections: Here's the Best Option

Synthetic fillers typically last up to two years before the patient needs to go back in for another injection. Permanent fillers may seem like a better option, but Dr. Sid Danesh has some words of warning. VIEW NOW

How One Woman's Quest for Cheap Injectables Cost Her Her Life

Dr. John Martin tells the shocking story of a radio host who lost her life after getting illegal injectables all over her body. VIEW NOW

Repairing the Damage of Illegal Fillers: Dr. John Martin Reveals the Complicated Treatment

Dr. John Martin describes the damage done by some illegal fillers and the treatment he's found that's actually working to break them up and make them easier to remove. VIEW NOW

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Non-Surgical Asian Rhinoplasty Adds Height to the Nose

A young Asian woman receives fillers to augment the dorsum and increase the height of her bridge. VIEW NOW

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