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How to Remove Silicone Filler?

I recently had silicone as a filler added to an area of my nose. However, the second time, the doctor added too much and now the tip of my nose and... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Nose and Lip Lumps from Silicone Injections?

I have lumps around my nose and lips from silicone injections. Is there no way to correct that? It is very obvious and irritating.   READ MORE

Safety of Nasal Liquid Silicone Injections

On a recent rhinoplasty follow-up visit I was injected with liquid silicone to improve the results. The doctor gave me the shot "matter of... READ MORE

Micro-droplet Silicone Injections to Correct Asymmetrical Nasal Tip?

I am considering having a filler injected to correct my nasal tip. I have had three rhinoplasties. The first was purely cosmetic, the last two were to... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove Silicone Injected on my Nose Years Ago?

I had a silicone injection in my nose 20 years ago in Asia. I had tried to have it removed ( taken out ) 15 years ago as my nose was and is still is... READ MORE

I Need a Doctor in NY, NJ, PA, MA or CT Who Does Sillicone Microdroplet Facial Injections

I need to find a doctor in NY, NJ, PA, MA or CT who does sillicone microdroplet facial injections for nose-to-mouth and puppet lines. READ MORE

Effects of Silicone on the Thick Skin at Nose Tip

My nose is extremely thick nd i been told no amount of cartilage crafting or grafts will help.i know SI is disliked because it can lead to infection... READ MORE

How can I remove Silicone or Artefill (not sure which one) that was injected into my nose? (photo)

9 years ago i went to a beautician to do a collagen injection, they didn't tell me exactly what it is they said collagen, then 3 months later i inject... READ MORE

Saline Injection to Reduce Redness from Silikon Injections, Last One Done in Beginning of March. No Bumps Just Redness.

I have localized redness from silicone. my dr has tried v beams, 2 IPL, 2 steroid shots, desonide ointment, predisone, and minocycline. had... READ MORE

Saline Injections for silicone injections removal?

I recently watched a video on Youtube of a doctor that injected a saline solution into where silicone was injected in to the buttocks. He said that... READ MORE

Constant redness of nose due to silicone injection. Any suggestions?

Is there any ointments or new treatments that could help with constant inflamation. We have tried lazer treatment 10 yrs ago with no success. Any new... READ MORE

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