Saline Injection to Reduce Redness from Silikon Injections, Last One Done in Beginning of March. No Bumps Just Redness.

i have localized redness from silicone. my dr has tried v beams, 2 IPL, 2 steroid shots, desonide ointment, predisone, and minocycline. had improvement in the redness but it never fully disappears. Been reading about saline injected into scars to clear infection and turn scars whiter as the blood vessels die. ANY ADVICE PLS. my dr does not realize how this is hurting my confidence wallet and creating depression. Anyone in nyc or nj that can help or try this? scars would look amazing if no redness

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Redness From Silicone Injections

I have a lot of experience injecting silicone and can say that I have not had any patients experience this redness you are describing. That being said, the redness I am envisioning may not be exactly what is present, which is why seeing it in consultation will allow me to be the most helpful.  I personally have never injected saline in the way you describe and caution you from doing anything like that without consulting with an expert first. Good luck!

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Silicone injections

I have seen many patients with silicone injections over the years, and unfortunately, I think  that silicone is a gift that sometimes keeps on giving.  Inflammatory reactions can happen, palpability, and visibility, and infections as well can occur.  Treatment can be very difficult, but I have never heard of saline injections for this problem.

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