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Mentor Memory Gel Silicone Implants Vs Sientra HIGHLY Cohesive Form-stable Gummy Bear Implants?

I have been researching on silicone implants available. The information I found has not been consistent. How many different types silicone implants... READ MORE

Can I get my nipple pierced after Breast Augmentation? Are there any risks? How long would I have to wait to do it?

I had my BA 3 weeks ago (silicone, subglandular, areola insicion) and I would like to get my nipple pierced (not now, maybe in a few months). I have... READ MORE

Are 380 or 410 Cc Implants to Big? (photo)

I'm 34yrs old, 5'1 and 124 lbs. I'm a 34 A cup. I would like to be a full C to small D. My doc chose 380 or 410cc round moderate profile Sientra... READ MORE

500hp Sientra Textured? (photo)

So I went for my pre-op today and ps decided 465-505cc sientra HP textured (possibly due to chest wall irregularity on left breast). I am nervous... READ MORE

After Breast Implants Taking off Tape?

1 week and 2 days after ba my ps said can take tape off today. Incisions look fine just wondering if there is something else I need to do? They are... READ MORE

How long can it take for Sientra textured cohesive gel implants to soften?

Had these implants 5 months ago . When I lay down they become super firm . When standing they're more normal READ MORE

2 weeks post op- will Sientra (385cc) textured round implants drop or get any smaller? Will they come in a bit more? (photo)

Hi Docs! I am 2 weeks post-op. I feel my breast implants are too big and pray they will get a bit smaller. I chose textured round Sientra 385cc... READ MORE

The surgeon switch from mentor to sientra implants. What are the differences and pros & cons of mentor vs sientra?

The surgeon I have chosen is currently using mentor but has just informed me that he might start using sientra implants. What are the differences and... READ MORE

What Do You Think About the Breast Implants Approved by the FDA March 9th 2012 Made by Sientra Silimed?

What Do You Think About the Breat Implants Approved by the FDA March 9th 2012 Made by Sientra Silimed? READ MORE

Do Round Sientra and Mentor Implants Post Op Results Looks Any Different? (photo)

Im looking into getting a revision to go bigger but i don't know if i should change my sientra implants to mentor implants to get a more rounder upper... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - 4 days Post Op. Feel implant moving!

Hi There - I'm just wondering if it's common to feel my implant move? Sometimes when I raise my arm(s) or make other movements, I feel the implant(s)... READ MORE

I'm 5'10", 140 lbs, active runner, 39 yrs old, and 34B. What size of Sientra Breast Implants do I need? (photos)

I'm going with gummy bear implants. I want a very natural look. I don't like the rounded look. I tried on 275cc to 300 cc at my consult. However after... READ MORE

Post Breast Augmentation sharp stabbing pain under right armpit that radiates. Why could that be? (photo)

I'm 5 days post OP sub muscular breast augmentation. The past 4 days I've been having intermittent sharp pains under my right armpit (serratus... READ MORE

Do Highly Cohesive Implants Feel Natural on the Inside and from the Outside of Your Body? Mentor vs. Natrelle vs. Sientra

I'm interested to hear from doctors who have implanted either the Mentor CPG, the Natrelle 410, or the Sientra Shaped Anatomicals only. Do these... READ MORE

Do textured implants settle the same way as smooth ones?

I'm 31yo 5'3 113lbs and I'm having my ba on 01/20/15. My ps suggested me sientra 410cc -440cc hp textured under the muscle but now I'm a little... READ MORE

Are 435 CC's High Profile Gummy Bear Implants too big for me? (photo)

Im getting my BA in about 2 weeks and Id like to know if 435 cc high profile gummy bear implants are going to look natural & full. I'm currently a 32A... READ MORE

I have Sientra Breast Implants 350cc, went from 34a to 34d. Am I Bottoming out or getting double bubble? (photos)

I had 350cc gummy bear implants 2 1/2 months ago. I noticed that my left breast is dropping too low and it has a dent right in between the nipple and... READ MORE

Sientra: Textured vs. Smooth?

Aside from the obvious, what is the difference between textured and smooth implants? There doesn't seem to be a visual difference. Is it just about... READ MORE

Why are Sientra breast implants of ANY kind still being used here in the United States?

Why are Sientra Breast Implants still being used & even offered as an option here in the United States of America? Sientra Breast implants are being... READ MORE

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