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Ive Been Sleeping on my Side Post Septorhinoplasty, Have a Ruined my Results? (photo)

I had septorhinoplasty 6 days ago and keeo waking up to find ive shifted onto my side during the night. I managed the first 2 nights on my back but... READ MORE

Is This a Sign of a Deviated Septum (Symptoms: Lack of Sleep) ?

Hi, I'm a 19 year old male from London. I recieved a strong blow to my nose about 4 years ago causing it to be crooked and deviated. When I... READ MORE

Septoplasty One Month Ago, Would It Be Ok Now to Wear Breathe Right Nasal Strips to Help Sleep when Needed?

I had been wearing breathe right nasal strips prior to my septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery a month ago, to help me sleep. My left nostril... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Not Be Given Antibiotics After Septoplasty?

I was not prescribed any antibiotics after septoplasty, from the research I've done this doesn't seem normal. Should I be worried? Also asked to be... READ MORE

How do people deal with the "Sleep" issue after Endoscopic Septoplasty surgery?

Two Part Question 1) I am just back from Endoscopic Septoplasty surgery for only one nostril and wanted to know if it is normal to have both nostrils... READ MORE

I am 5 days post septoplasty (turbinates also fixed, bone spurs and haller cells removed.) How may I treat my allergies?

I do nasal rinses 5-6 times a day already. I am having problems because I must breathe through my mouth as a result of congestion and every night my... READ MORE

Deviated septum. Would a nose job help me breathe through my nose while running, sleep better&control exercise induced rhinitis?

I have a slightly deviated septum. Whenever I run I usually only breathe through my mouth as since I get more air opposed to breathing through my nose... READ MORE

Do I have a deviated septum? And could that cause my symptoms? (Photo)

Just had a ct face done last week. I have been having facial pain, trouble sleeping, and constant right eye watering since last August. READ MORE

I'm having frequent congestion on right nostril when sleeping or indoor after Septoplasty without skin tear. Any suggestion?

Surgery was done on April 13th. How long will this last? How to confirm that the surgery was successful and fixed my breathing difficulty as i still... READ MORE

Sleeping on side after septoplasty

Its been 4 days since my surgery for a deviated septum on my right side and a turbanate reduction on my left. I was able to sleep sitting up the first... READ MORE

Mouth breathing a month after sinus surgery/septoplasty? Is it normal?

I had sinus surgery and septoplasty a month ago. Before surgery, I was a huge mouth breather at night and I still am. I'll wake myself up multiple... READ MORE

After septoplasty, I cant sleep?

Cant sleep, nose infection. READ MORE

How long after the operation can I blow my nose (as it's very uncomfortable from the mucus) and how do i sleep?

Is it best to wear the cotton bandage they provide? I had a septoplasty today (Friday 26th february) and I'm unsure on a couple of things. READ MORE

How can I beat my heavy chest and sore throat after having a septoplasty?

I had a septoplasty on Friday , it is now Tuesday and while the swelling has gone down my chest, throat and mouth are constantly dry not allowing me... READ MORE

How Long Does a Septoplasty Last?

Can a nasal septum be deviated again after septorhinoplasty without being broken? Does sleeping on either side affect the septum in anyway? Should the... READ MORE

Nasal septoplasty turbinate resection. My nose is completely blocked, can't breathe properly. I can't sleep - what can I do?

Pain is fine with medication. albuterol inhaler which has helped. i'm sleep deprived over the last several days and last night had one hour broken... READ MORE

Septoplasty and turbinectomy - Day 3 nose completely blocked. (photos)

Day 3 my nose is completely blocked and a lot of pressure in my ears and headache, I wasn't able to sleep at all those 3 days and I'm getting a bit... READ MORE

I got a septoplasty 4 months ago. Mouth breathing while sleeping. Is there any way to keep it closed?

Hi! to give some context, I'm 22 and had a deviated septum that gave me a hard time breathing specially while sleeping, and I got a septoplasty 4... READ MORE

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