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1 Month Post-Op Septoplasty Question?

It's been one month since I had septoplasty, bilateral inferior turbinoplasty, and bilateral maxillary sinus antrostomy surgery. My nose runs all day... READ MORE

I had septoplasty a month ago. I was blowing nose (not furiously). I had a constant runny nose. My nose seemed to be opened.

I had septoplasty a month ago. I was blowing nose (not furiously). Also I traveled after a month. I had a constant runny nose. My nose seemed to be... READ MORE

Headaches and clear fluid from my nose after septoplasty?

Hello Sir I Have a question my septoplasty take palce before 21 days ago.Now i have headache constant from 3 days and also a clear fluid from my nose... READ MORE

What else can I do about a chronic runny nose (even after a turbinate reduction & septoplasty that was done 2 years ago)?

The surgery didn't help & my septum was more crooked. I expressed my concerns about the results of the surgery with the doctor that preformed the... READ MORE

I have a nasal blockage with feeling of suffocation. Any suggestions?

I am having DNS with b/L maxillary sinusitis without excess phlegm or runny nose. I feel suffocated all the time, even can't sit in front of a fan. My... READ MORE

Runny Nose After Nasal Surgery. What to Do?

I had septoplasty/turbinoplasty about 12 years ago (when I was 21 years old). My nose has been runny ever since. I have had countless opinions on this... READ MORE

My nose is running all day, 5 years now. No one can find the issue?

Hi.I am 20 years old In 2011 i went to a doctor , because for nearly one year my nose running repeatedly. He gave me some treatment but nothing... READ MORE

Drainage/soreness of my nose 8 days after septoplasty with bilateral inferior turbinate outfracture - normal?

I still have drainage very similar to having a runny nose , and i notice it increases when i move around more. Also it feels very sore toward the... READ MORE

Have I permanently damage my nose with surgery? I've just found out after 2 ops I'm allergic to cats. Was my surgery pointless?

I've had chronic congestion, fluctuating between either nostril for 2 years. I've had a septoplasty and turninate reduction, which did not work. My... READ MORE

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