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Septal Deviation of 5-6mm and Nasal Septal Spur: Severe Enough to Need Septoplasty?

I have had constant nasal congestion, head aches, sinus infections, ear infections, pressure in my ears, and post nasal drip for a while now. I... READ MORE

I Find Breathing Difficult (Laboured) Through my Nose, Especially the Left Nostril? (photo)

Hello, i generally always find it very hard to breath through my nose, especially the left nostril, so I generally only breathe through my mouth. I'm... READ MORE

Severe Headaches After Sinus Surgery, What's Going On?

My daughter had a broken nose repaired, her septum fixed and polyups removed from her nose 6 months ago. She is having severe headaches every day. Her... READ MORE

Sinus Headaches Only on the Right Side After Rhino/septoplasty with a Turbinate Reduction.

I had my procedure on July 7, 2011. Since then, I have consistently had sinus headaches and pain only on the right side. Sometimes it's so painful... READ MORE

To What Extent is It Considered Normal to Have Eye Pain After Septoplasty?

What might be cause eye pain after septoplasty? Is it a headache kind of pain or discomfort from bruising and swelling? READ MORE

Concerning Headache After Nasal Septoplasty?

Thank you for answering my last question thank yo Dr James Bonaparte but i have another question the septoplasty was 3 weeks ago and now i have sever... READ MORE

Is it normal to experience headaches after Septoplasty?

It is 1 week since I had a septoplasty. I have severe headaches on the right side. My jaw n cheeks are very sore. Pain medication only last for a... READ MORE

Failed septoplasty. Is there a chance it needs to be done again ?

I had my septoplasty opperation over a year ago and had inflamed tissue removed from my sinus as well. I've had plenty of time to heal and my airway... READ MORE

Is it normal to get constant headaches after a Septoplasty?

A week ago, I had a Septoplasty procudere done. Since then, I have been getting constant headaches varieing in different locations but mainly near the... READ MORE

Recovering from Septoplasty, Splints Are Out..Suffering from Sinusitis for 4 Months, What Can I do?

I've had sinusitis for 4 months. It didn't respond to other courses of treatment so 3 weeks ago I had a septoplasty,turbinate reduction, and... READ MORE

Deviated Septum. Should I Seek A Second Opinion? (photo)

My ENT did not think this (attached photo) deviated septum could be the cause of my recurring headaches and sinus infections. Should I seek a second... READ MORE

Stinky smell like sweat socks when i breathe, its in the left side of my nose only. 20 days after sinus surgery. Should I worry?

I had endoscopic sinus surgery, septoplasty and turbinate reduction. . extreme headache, dizziness, blurry vision, clear nonsmelly discharge from my... READ MORE

I had turbinate reduction surgery three days ago - is the following normal?

I am experiencing an unusual (for me) but enduring headache and pressure, from behind the nose, above and behind the eyes and pressure and pain inside... READ MORE

It Has Been Almost 3 Weeks Since my Septoplasty Surgery, I Have Headaches, and my Nose is Stuffy. What Can I Do?

I would think by now I would start feeling better, my nose isn't sore anymore, but I have a constant headache almost everyday, my nose is stuffy, and... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty 8 Wks Post Op, Painful on Bridge Area with Headaches?

Hello, I'm sorry if this question is a little obvious, but I had septorhinoplasty ( closed ) 8 wks ago, all has healed well so far, but for the last 3... READ MORE

What Could Be Causing Severe Frontal Lobe Headaches After Septoplasty?

My fiance had an adverse reaction to the anesthesia after septoplasty and continues to have horrible headaches a few times a day, every day. READ MORE

What is causing all these symptoms? Could I still have clots inside? I'm a bit scared. The headaches are debilitating.

I recently had a balloon septoplasmy and a deviated septum surgery. In the 2nd week, I had two bloodclots the size of golfballs come out of each... READ MORE

8 days after Septorhinoplasty I have begun getting very bad headaches when I stand up. I have no history with headaches prior.

I had a septo/rhinoplasty 8 days ago and, so far, the recovery has gone great. The swelling has mostly come down and I have been able to breathe... READ MORE

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