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Blowing Nose After Septoplasty?

On the fifth day after my septoplasty i was half asleep and wasn;t thinking and blew my nose pretty hard. I was instructed not to blow my nose for a... READ MORE

Sex After Septoplasty and Sinus Surgery?

Hello, I've had an endoscopic sinus surgery and septoplasty some days ago. My doctor didn't gave me any specific guidance, and I've had sex with my... READ MORE

How Do I Know if I Did Any Damage by Blowing my Nose 1 Week Post Septorhinoplasty?

I got my stents and cast removed yesterday being day 6 post-op. The ENT Dr. had me blow my nose once removed. But today I blew it a few times with a... READ MORE

Hit on Nose 3 Weeks Post Septoplasty?

I had septrhinoplasty 3 week ago. yesterday a 5 year old jail swung her arms and it my nose (not full force). I had no bleeding, tears, or pain. My... READ MORE

Damage to Nose after Septoplasty

2 months ago I had septoplasty/turbinate reduction.I think I was healing fine but yesterday I pulled out a string accidentally and it yanked out and... READ MORE

Can Blowing Your Nose 24 Days After Septoplasty Cause Serious Damage?

A couple of days ago, I did my neti pot and looked inside my nose with a pen light and noticed a big clog in my left nostril. I got it out, but... READ MORE

Ive Been Sleeping on my Side Post Septorhinoplasty, Have a Ruined my Results? (photo)

I had septorhinoplasty 6 days ago and keeo waking up to find ive shifted onto my side during the night. I managed the first 2 nights on my back but... READ MORE

My Cat Jumped on my Face While I Was Sleeping and Hit my Nose (8 Days Post Op Septorhinoplasty). Have I Ruined my Results?

I got a septorhinoplasty 8 days ago to fix my deviated septum, add a spreader graft to the right side, and a hum reduction. This morning my cat jumped... READ MORE

I recently had a septoplasty and blew my nose on day four of recovery, will there be damage?

Hi, I recently had a septoplasty and blew my nose extremely carefully (like little mini nose breaths) on day four of recovery and didn't think... READ MORE

I Had a Septorhinoplasty Five Days Ago Was Worried if Bones Moved From Laughing?

I had a septorhinoplasty 5 days ago, and I have a splint on it. However I recently laughed (with facial expression/cheeks raised), and was wondering... READ MORE

Accidentally Sneezing 3 Weeks After Septorhinoplasty?

I have been really good about sneezing through my mouth instead of my nose after my surgery, per surgeon's instructions.I accidentally just sneezed... READ MORE

I've Knocked my Nose After a Septoplasty/turbinectomy. Help?

I accidentally knocked my nose with quite an impact almost like a soft punch, this was the same day when my gauze was taken out, I am worry that my... READ MORE

Accidentally Hit Nose Tip One Month Post Rhinoplasty?

It's been exactly one month/4 weeks since I had my septum fixed and rhinoplasty done. I had a bump that was fixed and the tip was shortened and more... READ MORE

Nose Pinched Hard 2 Weeks After Septoplasty - Will This Damage my Nose?

My friend pinched my entire nose quite hard 2 weeks after my Septoplasty (a bit like how swimmers do when they go under water). It only hurt for a... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty/septoplasty Post Surgery Trauma?

6 months ago I had septoplasty/rhinoplasty surgery. In the last few days my nose felt great, almost completely normal. Yesterday a student kicked a... READ MORE

Cleared blood off nostril. Did i damage anything

I cleared dry blood off my nostrils 5-6 days after my septoplasty surgery, and than realized that i wasn't supposed to. did i damage anything? READ MORE

Worried That I Ruined my Septorhinoplasty?

I got a septorhinoplasty yesterday morning. All went well but I have been crying very often due to family reasons since last night. When I cry I feel... READ MORE

Got Hit in the Nose by Volleyball After Rhinoplasty/septoplasty. Did I Damage?

I had rhin0/septoplasty 2 months and 10 days ago in Korea. And last night i played volleyball then when I was hitting the ball I got blocked and the... READ MORE

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