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Bad Smell from Nose After Septoplasty. Took Penicillin For Infection With No Results?

I had a septoplasty surgery 6 months ago and a bad smell started coming off my nose as of 2 months ago. some infection diagnosed by my surgeon and I... READ MORE

Bleeding and Stuffiness After Septoplasty?

10 days ago I had a septoplasty. I had no problems post op and still on antibiotics. Last night when i was cleaning the crubs inside my nose with... READ MORE

Do I Have Nasal Septum Deviation? If I Do, Should I Have Surgery to Fix It?

My right nostril bleeds very often, sometimes for no apparent reason at all. My nose is very slightly turned to the right (almost unnoticeable). My... READ MORE

Nose is Still Bleeding Quite Heavily After a Septorhino, is This Normal?

This morning at 8 am I got a septorhinoplasty. It is now 7:15 pm and my nose is still bleeding (not gushing but dripping blood frequently). It bleeds... READ MORE

Is my nose tip broken? (photos)

As a child I had a bad fall on my nose. Ever since it has gradually got worse over the years. I have trouble breathing from my left nostril and I have... READ MORE

The Pieces of Plastic Inside the Nostrils After Septoplasty Feel Sharp Against my Nose, Normal?

Nostrils and is making my nose bleed, also a stitch came out after 2 days is this normal? READ MORE

I had Septoplasty 3 days ago. How long after the initial unpacking will I stop bleeding?

I had a Septoplasty three days ago and recently had the packing removed this morning. How long after the initial unpacking will I stop bleeding? I... READ MORE

How Easy is It to Fracture a Nose 3 Days Post Op?

I had a septoplasty, turbinate reduction and open reduction nasal fracture done 3 days ago. There was a lot of damage from when I broke it 20+ years... READ MORE

How Old is to Old for Septoplasty. I Am 60. Have Had It Done in my 20's, And Need it Again?

Dr wants me to have Septoplasy done. I have had deviated septum for over forty years. I have nosebleeds now for the last 3-4 years for which I go once... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Septoplasty/rhinoplasty? (photo)

I'm 23 years old, healthy, nonsmoker. I feel like my nose is crooked and throwing off the general symmetry of my face. I also have noticed my... READ MORE

Slight Bleeding 4 Years After Septoplasty?

Hi I had septoplasty 4 yrs ago.Last year I poked my nose with a qtip a little too high up and the next day there was slight blood in the morning when... READ MORE

Septoplasty 4 Months Ago?

Hi there. I had a septoplasty about 4 months ago & recently I was playing football & the ball first hit my hand & then a little part of my... READ MORE

I was hit on nose 1 week after Septoplasty surgery, could it be damaged?

My grandaughter head butted me pretty hard accidently of course one week after the septoplasty. i bled for about 3 minutes, and it hurt real bad. do... READ MORE

No Antibiotics After Septoplasty?

I was not given any antibiotics to take after my septoplasty today, is this normal? Also I had asked for something to help me sleep since I am not... READ MORE

Nasal perforation post Septoplasty?

I had Septoplasty surgery 10 years back. Now i have been diognised with nasal septum perforation. I am suffering from bleeding, nose blockage,... READ MORE

Do I Need to See my Surgeon Again?

I had a septoplasty last summer to cure my nose bleeds, all went well and chunk was removed from my nose, however I am now starting to get nose bleeds... READ MORE

Bleeding a month after septoplasty?

Hi my septoplasty surgery was a month ago, no complications and my splints are out, then earky this morning i woke up to find my nose was bleeding, it... READ MORE

I just had a Septoplasty and removal of turbinates earlier today; how long will it bleed for?

I had my surgery today, around 10:30am. I woke from the surgery feeling great. Then around 4pm the pain meds stopped working and my left nostril... READ MORE

Bleeding After Septorhinoplasty?

Hello, I had a septorhinoplasty surgery 2 days ago and i have bleeding. I have splint and nasal packing (tampon) in my nose. Today i went to my doctor... READ MORE

Septoplasty 10 days post op, small cut in one side of nose with fresh blood still coming out, should I be concerned?

Hi, I had a Septoplasty 10 days ago which followed with a overnight stay at the hospital the same night with a hematoma in my left side. This was... READ MORE

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