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Sculptra Granulomas Biofilm?

Sculptra was injected improperly by a board certified PS in 2008. I still have painful nodules under my right eye and they swell and hurt. I was told... READ MORE

What Will Cure Inflammation of Salivary Glands Due to Complications of Sculptra?

Has 2injections of Sculptra in Fall 2011. March 2012 had 4 tooth bridge . Within 3 days, developed several large nodules inside my cheeks and began... READ MORE

Any Information on Poly L Lactic Acid?

Any additional information on the degradation of poly l lactic acid? I have over 20 or 30 nodules ad well as granulomas. Any help, legally, or... READ MORE

What Are Possible Side Effects of Using Steroids to Dissolve Sculptra Nodules?

Sculptra nodules ( formed about 5 mos after 2nd injection)diagnosed as chronic sialadentitis and incipient mucus escape reaction have caused excessive... READ MORE

I Have Had 3 Series of Sculptra over the Past 6 Mos and I Am Very Concerned?

My face is rather long and now my jaw is very pronounced. It looks very square. In addition, I seem to be swollen on one side of my jaw. It looks as... READ MORE

Can Sculptra Be Removed?

I had 2 Sculptra treatments and have developed several nodules inside my cheeks. Can these nodules be removed? READ MORE

Can Dental Work Interfere with Sculptra?

5 mos after a second SCulptra injection, I had a dental bridge. Within 2 days I noticed large nodules inside my cheeks and have since experienced... READ MORE

Can Nodules Caused by Sculptra Cause Excessive Saliva in Mouth?

In Fall of 2011' I had 2 injections of Sculptra over 3 mos. In March of 2012 I had a 4 tooth dental bridge. In May of 2012 I developed nodules inside... READ MORE

Will the nodules in my cheeks ever go away on their own? And what exactly are the bumps and lumps in my cheeks?

I have had a total of 6 vials of Sculptra over the last two years. After about 4-6 months after the last one...I started getting a line of vertical... READ MORE

Will Kenalog Help with Inflammed Saliva Glands?

Developed nodules inside cheeks as result of Sculptra. Most nodules have been excised but experiencing excessive saliva with incipient Mucus release?... READ MORE

What can be done for large noticeable nodules due to Sculptra injections gone wrong?

I had injections of Sculptra several years ago. The plastic surgeon told me that the instructions on the product were incorrect. Now I have nodules -... READ MORE

Could you recommend an expert oral surgeon who will remove sculptra nodules through the mouth?

I've had these nodules for almost three years and they swell and are sometimes painful. 1/2 vial of sculptra was injected through the mouth and I am... READ MORE

Sculptra nodules in temple. Does this mean it's not working?

I'm 2 weeks post sculptural injections and developed small nodules in the temple area that are hardly noticeable. Does this mean it's not working or... READ MORE

How long do nodules last after Sculptra?

I had sculptra over a year ago and I keep getting small nodulars. How long does these nodulars last?! READ MORE

Looking for a plastic surgeon in Dallas to reduce the volume caused by Sculptra

9 weeks out of first sculptra injection with 1 vial injected. I don't have problems with lumps or nodules,but just hate the fullness on my lower f... READ MORE

I have a new large lup of sculptra on my jaw line that has increased in size. I'm 1yr 4 months post injections. Any suggestions?

I have to nodules. One feels like a frozen pea in the chin. The other us along the jawline and feels like a lump and is discolored and visible. It has... READ MORE

How long should I have to wait before I see the effects of kenalog shots? When will sculptra stop building volume?

It's 4 months after my first sculptra treatment ,with 1 vial. Not in a right hand so I was disfigured. I've got several kenalog shots to break down t... READ MORE

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