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Sculptra For Aging Face. Am I a Candidate With Auto Immune Issues?

I am 62 yrs old with auto immune issues, Chrohns , polymyalgia rehumatica, and reynaulds. These injectibles are the first that have gotten my interest... READ MORE

Sculptra and auto immune disease

Can a person with antibodies for Graves disease but without symptons or meds for 15 years have sculptra or is it contra indicated as an auto immune... READ MORE

I have an autoimmune. Radiesse gave me lumps-trying to correct through Sculptra. Am I misinformed?

Used Restylene in the past with great success. Very stressful year/lost weight. Developed an autoimmune-dermatomyositis. Absorbed Rystelene in 4 weeks... READ MORE

I have autoimmune components and Sculptra doesn't seem to be taking. What other options are there to restore volume in the face?

I have been diagnosed with Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease which has aged me beyond my 51 years. I am looking for something to bring back volume... READ MORE

Am I safe in getting Sculptura if I have MGUS? Thank you

I have MGUS which I monitor each year - no medication. I would like to have Sculptura treatments, but the treatments shouldn't be given if you have... READ MORE

Is sculptra advisable for someone with autoimune disorders?

I have Alopecia Barbae and was wondering if this would be a problem if I wanted to get sculptra treatment. I think I read that sculptra was not... READ MORE

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