Asymmetry + Sculptra

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Are My Complications Normal 2 Weeks Post Sculptra? (photo)

Sculptra done 2 weeks ago, 2 vials total. I hated the look, fat cheeks. My left side was a lot more swollen than the right. Went to ask about it and... READ MORE

Sculptra for Cheek Asymmetry?

I'm 20 years old and have one cheek slightly fuller than the other (behind the apple of my cheek). It's not a huge difference but I feel it totally... READ MORE

How Can I Correct Uneven Results from Sculptra?

I had Sculptra injections in October. An experienced physician did one side of my face and then taught others on the other side of my face. On that... READ MORE

Does Sculptra Change Your Look Forever?

Hi, I was injected with two vials of Sculptra nine months ago and am very uneven, left side is much fuller than right side. Once the collagen finally... READ MORE

Will Asymmetric Results from Sculptura Even out on Its Own?

Hi. I had Sculptra in October, November and December. I feel like the right hand side is much more noticeably fuller than the left hand side. I have... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Face After Sculptra 2 Vials Total 6 Wks Apart?

Had consultation with Estheticians for Sculptra. The doctor performed sculptra injection 2 vial total 6wks apart (1 vial each visit). Had 6 wk follow... READ MORE

Facial asymmetry - can it be fixed with Sculptra? (photo)

The left and right sides of my face are very asymmetrical. It can be seen in my cheeks - on my left cheekbone there is some definition however on my... READ MORE

Can I get Sculptra and chin implant and the same time? (Photo)

My face is Asymmetric and has been that way all my life. But it seem as I got older it got worse. So I figure I need a Cheek enhancement. So I decided... READ MORE

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