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Large Lump with Ingrown Hair After Newfill

I had an xo Peel performed in the south of France to remove acne scars. The doctor also gave me Sculptra (NewFill) in each cheek. Four years, later... READ MORE

What to Do About Sculptra (NewFill) Lumps and Granulomas

If a person develops painful lumps/granulomas in areas that were injected with Sculptra what can be done to break them down?  What is steroid... READ MORE

Will These Sculptra Lumps Be Permanent?

I had 2 vials of Sculptura injected 5 weeks ago. I have developed a lump between the corner of my mouth and jawline (giving me a 'jowl' on that side)... READ MORE

Sculptra Lumps: Need Help

The use of Sculptra was suggested to me at a reputable clinic where I went to ask about correction of my drawn looking face. I have very thin cheeks... READ MORE

Is Sculptra Likely to Cause Lumps if Injected in the Temples?

A PS suggested this could be done to create volume in this area. But Im very thin there. Its just like under my eyes and is skin on bone. I find it... READ MORE

Reconstitution of Sculptra - How Much Time Before Injection Do You Give?

Do you reconstitute your sculptra min. 12 hours as recommended before dilution to avoid lumps. Mine I don't think was, as I was talked into it 15-20... READ MORE

How Long For Sculptra Lump To Go Down?

Does a lump of collagen on the skin surface produced by sculptra go down more slowly than the rest of the collagen in your face or will it go down at... READ MORE

What Makeup Techniques Can I Use to Cover Up Sculptra Lumps?

My body had a reaction to the Sculptra. Under my left eye are now three large visible bumps and the thin skin in between the lumps now has large... READ MORE

Best Ways to Get Rid of Lumps Under Eyes from Sculptra?

I have several noticeable lumps under my eyes left from Sculptra. What are the best ways to get rid of these? READ MORE

Delayed Sculptra Reaction (Swelling, Bruising)

I had a Sculptra and after the initial bruising (about 7 days) everything looked good. After about 7 weeks, my face started swelling and bruising... READ MORE

Sculptra Nodules Got Bigger After Massage

I would like to know what to do about the nodules that appeared 2 weeks after my second Sculptra treatment. I was told to do vigorous massage, and it... READ MORE

Will the Sculptra Lumps Ever Go Away?

I had my 1st Sculptra in Dec 08. Then 2 more sets in Jan & March 09. I massaged my face as instructed. I was told to do it 3 times a day for 5... READ MORE

Are There Currently Any Trial Studies on PLA (Poly-L-Lactic Acid) Removal?

I am interested in studies, if any exist, pertaining to dissolving PLA lumps, nodules, and fbo's without surgery. Surgery to rid yourself of these... READ MORE

Safer Option for Sunken Under Eyes Other Than Sculptra?

I'm concerned about Sculptra bumps/lumps under my eyes. I'm scheduled to have Sculptra done on the 3rd. I'm concerned about the horror stories,... READ MORE

Is There Anything to Remove Sculptra. I Have Lumps, Had Parotid Infection and Now Joint Inflamation? (photo)

I had Sculptra Nov. 2011, initially I had large lumps (30mm) on each cheek and horrible bruising. I was put on antibiotics, anti inflammatories, and... READ MORE

Why Does Sculptra Make my Face Look Lumpy?

My Sculptra story began 8 months ago. 2 vials, one session. One cheekbone is higher than the other. The collagen growth is totally uneven giving me a... READ MORE

Lump Developed After Sculptra Injected and Puffy Face Still After Almost 2 Weeks. Normal?

I lately found I have one coin-sized lump has developed somewhere underneath the tear trough area, while I am still in a puffy left face leaving... READ MORE

Sculptra in forehead and under eyes?

It is time to "refill" my face with Sculptra. My biggest area of concern is my forehead. Several doctors refused to inject my forehead and the last... READ MORE

Should I Continue with Sculptra Considering the Appearance of a Lump in my Left Cheek (Somewhat Visible)?

I am HIV+ for 12 years now and my face started looking horrible about 2-3 years ago (I'm on HIV meds). I went for my first Sculptra injections in... READ MORE

How Long Does Sculptra Remain in the Body?

How long will it take for Sculptra to break down in the body? How long can one expect lumps to continue to arrive after one injection appointment? Do... READ MORE

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