Best Ways to Get Rid of Lumps Under Eyes from Sculptra?

I have several noticeable lumps under my eyes left from Sculptra. What are the best ways to get rid of these?

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Most reliable way is simple excision

The problem with Sculptra becoming visible in the lids and lips has been so well recognized now that Sculptra Esthetic now comes with a warning that it not be used in the lids or lips.

If you have a papule (an area less than 1/2 cm. in size) or a nodule (an area larger than 1 cm in size) that is visible, the most reliable way to improve the area is a tiny incision placed in a wrinkle over the area. This allows the surgeon to usually pop it out through a tiny area that heals very quickly. I do not personally like cortisone injection because the cortisone can create thinning of already thin skin and if the area does not respond make the problem worse.

However, it you can feel but now see the papule, it is best left alone and it will eventually dissolve.

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Treatment for Sculptra lumps under the eyes..

If I meet a patient with this problem I shall first try a gentle injection of Kenalog (costisone in saline) in to the nodule, and I'll ask the patient to please return in 3 weeks. We will try this method three times..if still no improvement, then careful excision of the nodule is performed. 

Christine Glavey, MD (retired)
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There is no reliable way

Lumps from Sculptra can be from over-injection, insufficient post injection massage, inadequate product dilution, and too superficial of injection. Unfortunately, unlike HA fillers, Sculptra cannot be dissolved. They often resolve over time, but can take years. See an expert in Sculptra in your area. I have had some success with diluting with corticosteroid and saline, breaking up the nodule with a large bore needle, excising, and some anti-inflammatory meds. Good luck

Mary P. Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
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