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Sculptra Complications

Is there a way to remove a delayed side effect of Sculptra that I may be experiencing? It is like a grain of sand or medium size drive-way rocks under... READ MORE

What to Do About Sculptra (NewFill) Lumps and Granulomas

If a person develops painful lumps/granulomas in areas that were injected with Sculptra what can be done to break them down?  What is steroid... READ MORE

Sculptra Nodules Under Eyes - Looking for Colorado Sculptra Expert

July 2008 I had Sculptra injected under my eyes. Visible nodules developed within 3 weeks, though I massaged as instructed. They are still visible, I... READ MORE

Are There Currently Any Trial Studies on PLA (Poly-L-Lactic Acid) Removal?

I am interested in studies, if any exist, pertaining to dissolving PLA lumps, nodules, and fbo's without surgery. Surgery to rid yourself of these... READ MORE

Will I Get Sculptra Nodules or Granulomas 9 weeks After Injection?

I am 9 weeks after sculptra, eye area is still swollen with edema and the area looks white in color. i went to another derm who said both the sculptra... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Develop a Nodule or Granuloma from Sculptra?

I am a 32 year old white woman and I recently had 2 sessions of Sculptra in my temples spaced 6 weeks apart and am supposed to go back in 8 weeks... READ MORE

Sculptra Granulomas Biofilm?

Sculptra was injected improperly by a board certified PS in 2008. I still have painful nodules under my right eye and they swell and hurt. I was told... READ MORE

Sculptra Granuloma Excising

Sculptra was injected under my eyes July 2008. Multiple pea-sized granulomas, very visible, formed right away. The Doctor says "there's nothing I can... READ MORE

Is There Anything I Can Do To Get Rid of Sculptra Granulomas?

It is almost 3 yrs since I had Sculptra & I am left with very large & noticable hard lumps under my left eye,on my jaw line & numerous... READ MORE

Feedback on Sculptra Lumps or Granules

I would appreciate some feedback about the reports of "granules" forming in patients treated with Sculptra. On this site, there have been posts of... READ MORE

Any Information on Poly L Lactic Acid?

Any additional information on the degradation of poly l lactic acid? I have over 20 or 30 nodules ad well as granulomas. Any help, legally, or... READ MORE

Safe to Have Sculptra in Same Areas That Have Aquamid?

I have had aquamid injected into my face one year ago which I very much regret now. As I was not informed that it is a permanent filler, I am very... READ MORE

Kenalog Injections Alone Do Not Seem to Be Helping Excessive Mucus in Saliva. Would Adding FU 5 Increase Chances of Success?

Had 2 Sculptra injections Fall 2011. Had 4 tooth bridge in March 2012. immediately developed large granulomas inside cheeks. Been on antibiotics for 9... READ MORE

Granulomas from Sculptra

Does any Doctor who has had patients' with problems, A.E.s, inquired if the Manufacturer is working on ways to cure Granulomas and related serious... READ MORE

What are my options for removal of granulomas caused by sculptra?

I had 6 viles of sculptra with no problems 3/4 years ago decided to go to a different consultant for a top up nearer to my home but results were... READ MORE

Will granulomas go away on own once sculptra is reabsorbed? Doctors I've consulted with will not surgically remove. (Photo)

I am 21 months post op. I was in my 20s when I had sculptra and did not have jowls or acne at time. READ MORE

Sculptra On Chin Now Have Granulomas. What Do They Look Like?

I have some large granulomas that have formed after having sculptra around my chin. Can these granulomas be seen on an x-ray? If so what will they... READ MORE

How to recognize nodules, lumps and granulomas caused by sculptra? (Photo)

I'm 3months out of 1 vial of sculptra ´╝îits my first treatment. I don't like the results so that I've got two kenalog injections to reduce volume. K... READ MORE

How long do the actual particles in Sculptra stay in your skin tissue? (Photos)

I had Sculptra 20 months ago. I got every side effect (except granulomas) and still having inflammation. I know they say the volume last 2 years but... READ MORE

Are Sculptra granulomas caused by infrared light therapy?

I had Sculptra injected into my jaw line 11/2 years ago and are just now feeling large lumps in this area. I have been using the Illumask for 4 months... READ MORE

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