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Can Thermage Help Get Rid of Too Much Sculptra?

I had most of my sculptra inject about 2-3 years ago. I had facial wasting after a rhinoplasty and endoscopic brow lift. But, my face continues to... READ MORE

Stubborn, Residual Swelling Under Eyes 2 Yrs Post Sculptra Treatment? (photo)

I was a model for a Sculptra demo. Board cert MD w/ yrs of exp. He wanted to inject under my eyes, I hesitated & asked, is it OK since it is not... READ MORE

Cracked Lips and Lumps After Sculptra Lip Injections

I had Sculptra put into my lips 30 months ago. I thought the doctor was putting in a normal lip voluminizer and she told me that the results would... READ MORE

Sculptra over Reaction? Very Sick With Sculptra For Two Years.

It is getting better, with less swelling, no pain now. I am in to year 3. Does that mean it will go away? Getting very scared reading all the side... READ MORE

Sculptra was injected in my mouth 20 months ago by board certified derm creating jowls/hard bumps. What are my options? (Photo)

Could someone recommend a doctor with experience removing sculptra from inside the mouth? I live in Florida, but I will travel anywhere to get the... READ MORE

I'm 31 and had sculptra done 2 years ago. My nasolabial folds look pronounced. What can be done to improve this? (Photo)

I'm looking for a board certified plastic surgeon who is willing to help me find a good solution Thanks. READ MORE

Will granulomas go away on own once sculptra is reabsorbed? Doctors I've consulted with will not surgically remove. (Photo)

I am 21 months post op. I was in my 20s when I had sculptra and did not have jowls or acne at time. READ MORE

Will This Sculptra really go away & go back to my pre-sculptra face?

I'm 26 & I got 2 sculptra treatments 2 years ago. My face is the roundest it's ever been, as if the sculptra is peaking now. It's not weight gain. I... READ MORE

How long do the actual particles in Sculptra stay in your skin tissue? (Photos)

I had Sculptra 20 months ago. I got every side effect (except granulomas) and still having inflammation. I know they say the volume last 2 years but... READ MORE

Can Sculptra beads be removed 2 years later?

Sculptra was injected under lips though mouth creating jowls. I can now feel soft beads of product that I can slide around. Are there any doctors who... READ MORE

What type of doctor should I see for Sculptra complications?

I had 2 vials of Sculptra injected in my cheeks and around my jaw 27 months ago. This stuff continues to swell, burn and I have subcutaneous facial... READ MORE

Sculptra was injected through my mouth by my parotid gland over two years ago. I have mumps like swelling. Is this permanent?

I went to a board certified dermatologist and had a half vial of sculptra injected. My face has been slightly tender and swollen since with large... READ MORE

12 vials of Sculptra in 2.5 years and no results? 51 years old (Photos)

I have been receiving regular sculptura treatments for 2.5 years (12 vials) with no results. I have been to three different doctors for treatment, and... READ MORE

When does Sculptra actually stop building the new collagen?

I am young and had 2vials of Sculptra at the age of 27 and 28. My last vial was 21 months ago. I want to know when the collagen will stop growing.... READ MORE

Will lumps from Sculptra and Voluma ever go away?

I had 4 viles of sculptra 2 years ago and have had lumbs under the skin and 1 that u can see. A month ago I had 2 tubes of Voluma since then I have... READ MORE

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