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Lump Developed After Sculptra Injected and Puffy Face Still After Almost 2 Weeks. Normal?

I lately found I have one coin-sized lump has developed somewhere underneath the tear trough area, while I am still in a puffy left face leaving... READ MORE

Can Sculprta Cause Breakouts?

I have had Sculptra done for the first time about two weeks ago. I didn't have perfect skin before, 1-2 pimples at a time max, but literally overnight... READ MORE

Can Sculptra After 2 Weeks Be Further Diluted and Massaged into Other Areas?

I have recieved too much sculptra in the jaw 2 weeks ago, which makes my face very wide and masculine, while the hollows above in my cheeks are even... READ MORE

Big Lumps and Swelling 2 Weeks After Sculptra Injections That Have Continued for 2 Months?

I had 2 vials of Sculptra injected 6 weeks apart almost a year ago and loved it. I went back 8 months later for another vial but this time lumps... READ MORE

Will 1% hydro cortisone cream on an aggravated injection site diminish my Sculptra results?

I used over the counter hydro cortisone cream on an aggravated injection site for 14 days after Sculptra treatment. I started using it the second week... READ MORE

Can I have Hyaluronic Acid fillers on cheeks in the same place I had Sculptra injected two weeks ago?

I have had so many sculptra injected in the cheek area injected for quite a few years now READ MORE

Injected Sculptra 12 days ago. Now I have a swollen red lymph node.

I injected one vial of sculptra 10 days ago. only on the sides and jaw. now on the area near the chin at the injection site i have a swelling and a... READ MORE

I had sculptra 2 wks ago and my face is swollen and puffy. Is this normal?

I have strange numbing type feeling on the cheeks. My face pre sculptra had slightly hollow cheeks and sag but now it's puffy. is this normal.and will... READ MORE

Still bruised and swollen 15 days post Sculptra, is this normal?

I'm getting nervous. I received Sculptra injections 15 days ago. By the next morning, my under eyes were very puffy and swollen, almost like an edema.... READ MORE

Can I do anything now to prevent lumps? I'm 2 weeks post op

Prevent lumps 2weeks after Sculptra? She didn't dilute it beforehand, she diluted it then immediately injected it READ MORE

Sculptra nodules in temple. Does this mean it's not working?

I'm 2 weeks post sculptural injections and developed small nodules in the temple area that are hardly noticeable. Does this mean it's not working or... READ MORE

Why is my face so swollen from sculptra?

2 weeks ago I had 5 syringes of bellefill in cheeks with very little results. 2 days ago I got 2 vials of sculptra, looked like he put it in several... READ MORE

Residual pain 2 weeks after Sculptra. Any suggestions?

I have had Sculptra at least 5 times in the past with few problems. This time I have a new issue - mainly pain in the temple area that hurts when... READ MORE

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