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Square Face and Wider Jaw After Sculptra? What Can I Do?

I had a 1/2 vial sculptra injected 9 days ago in the lateral cheeks and Jawline. I wanted to lift the jawline and achieve a rounder youthfull look or... READ MORE

Can Sculptra Results Show After Only 5 Days?

I had 1 vial of Sculptra done 5 days ago. I know the swelling is to last for days but, though my face was swollen right after, it was back to my... READ MORE

When Should I Start to Worry? One Week Post Injection Sculptra? (photo)

Due to relocation, I decided to try a local well-known dermatologist for the first time (my 5th treatment). The vein above the eye bulged immediately,... READ MORE

Lump Around my Tear Trough, And It's Painful After my Sculptra Injection. Why?

I find there is a lump around my tear trough on my left and it's painful too. But when I pushed it hard eventually it's gone but maybe a min... READ MORE

I Had Ulthera a Week Ago. How Long Should I Wait Before I Get Sculptra?

I had ulthera last week and was wondering how long I should wait to get sculptra injection? Is it better to wait 1-2 months or can I have it done soon. READ MORE

How Soon Can I Get a Photofacial After Sculptra Injections?

I had a Sculptra treatment 1 week ago. How soon can I safely get a photo facial. READ MORE

Sculptra 5 Days Ago and have knots?

I had Sculptra done 5 days ago, swelling was minor and surprisingly no bruising, I did my massaging as recommended 5*5*5 , no cheating, on the 5th day... READ MORE

It is Ok to Dissolve Restylane After a Week of Sculptra Injection?

I had a restylane injection under both eyes for improving hollowness a year ago, and now after taking the second Sculptra injection few days before,... READ MORE

Should Extra Volume Still Be There 5 Days After Injections?

I had 2 treatments of sculptra (1 vial each treatment). After 1st treatment very little difference. 6 wks later had 2nd treatment. Now 5 days later... READ MORE

Sculptra lump or injection irritation.

Is it possible to have a lump from Sculptra occurring one week after injection? I have a red and raised area on temple one week after a treatment. READ MORE

I did one vial of sculptra one week ago. I'm still swollen when I smile. Is this normal?

I did one vial of scuptra diluted with water al,over the sidesof my face a week ago. this week my face is swollen when i smile. i am scared and not... READ MORE

I had sculptra injected 6 days ago and still have a black eye, will it go away, or will it stay?

Its yellowish mostly, but my biggest concern is the spot thats still black/reddish. READ MORE

I am concerned that my face will not be normal. Is this swelling going to go down? (photo)

I had Sculptra done one week ago and my jaw line is swollen and puffy, making me look overweight. The girl who did it went deep and I am scared she... READ MORE

Will scars from mole removal fade away with sculptra? (Photo)

Recently i removed some moles from my face. My doctor used electrocautery. It's been more than a week now and all the scabs have fallen off, leaving... READ MORE

Should I be concerned?

My right side of chin where the worst bruise was still feels lumpy. I had the sculptra 5 days ago. first treatment . I have been massaging 5 times a... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Sculptra and steroids?

Ive had sculptra last week, my first of probably 2-3 vials. I have been having back pain from an injury the past 3 months, i go into the doctor next... READ MORE

Would drinking Dirty Lemon Skin and Nails help boost collagen production even more and enhance results of Sculptra?

I just had Sculptra injected a week ago. Any advice on Dirty Lemon products in conjunction with the Sculptra? Will this help boost my collagen... READ MORE

Eye bag after Sculptra? I need help (Photo)

I just done sculptra(1vial) with under eyes and cheek a weeks ago. This's my 1st time for sculptra. But i noticed the tear trough is showing after... READ MORE

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