3 Weeks Post-op + Sclerotherapy

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I Had Scleratherapy Done Around my Ankle, Which is a Sensitive Area. It is Still Swollen After 3wks?

It is tender and sore to touch around the ankle. Is it because it is a sensitive area and takes longer because of ankle movement? READ MORE

Is it okay to fly after sclerotherapy?

I had scelotherapy almost 3 weeks ago. For the last 2 days I've had a very sore lump on the back of my left leg. Is this normal or should I get it... READ MORE

Do you think sclerotherapy worked on my spider veins? I don't really see a difference. (Photo)

I had sclerotherapy done on one leg where I have some small spider veins. I am 23 if that matters. I had this treatment done 3 weeks ago but I can... READ MORE

Can I use self tanner 3 weeks after sclerotherapy?

I had sclerotherapy injections 3 weeks ago. I have the discolration and I know this can take some time to fade. Can I use self tanner over the... READ MORE

HELP! Sclerotherapy on arms. It's been 3 weeks and my arms have begun to go numb at night. Any suggestions?

Hello, I have been getting sclerotherapy on my legs for the past ten years without complication. I asked my treating doctor if small green veins can... READ MORE

I can't tell if my veins are making any progress with Sclerotherapy?

I had sclerotherapy done nearly three weeks ago and I can't tell if veins are improving. Parts of the veins have disappeared but the rest sometimes... READ MORE

How long can it take to have a reaction to Sclerotherapy?

I had Sclarotheropy 18 days ago and have just now overnight broken out with mosquito bite like bumps that itch all over that leg and foot only. Could... READ MORE

Two rounds of sclerotherapy and the veins are still there. What should I do? (Photo)

I had the second round of ultrasound guided sclerotherapy three weeks ago, and the largest vein which starts mid-thigh and continues down the front of... READ MORE

How successful is sclerotherapy for management of a post abdominoplasty seroma?

I'm 3 weeks s/p abdominplasty and have a seroma that I aspirated for ~ 30 cc per day. I'm wearing my binder and overall improving but wondering how... READ MORE

I am in pain after an Asclera Sclerotherapy treatment now on painkillers, treatment took place three weeks ago, is this normal?

I had one sclerotherapy behind my knees which were more than spider veins. The second session was completely different the injections were horrendous... READ MORE

Hard lump and hard vein after Sclerotherapy; is it normal? (Photos)

Hi, I had Sclerotherapy done 3 weeks ago on spider veins, and I have worn my compression stockings every day. I developed a hard,discolored lump... READ MORE

I had sclerotherapy with foam three weeks ago. Should I be concerned of a blood clot/DVT and/or PE? (photo)

The injection site is large, yellowish and hard like play-doh. My concern is that I have a small area 5 inches to the right of the injection site that... READ MORE

Flakey unsmooth skin on face, after sclerotherapy around eyes, along with new pertruding veins.

I received a sclerotherapy treatment 3 weeks ago. I had the normal bruising and still have a little bit of discoloration. Since then, I've notices... READ MORE

I had sclerotheraphy 3 weeks ago. I find spasms in my legs after excessive exercise. What should I do?

I had treatment 3 weeks ago after 1 week the right leg above the thigh was inflamed ,went to hospital with suspected skin infection , had antibiotics... READ MORE

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