1 Week Post-op + Sclerotherapy

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Is There Any Effect if You Only Wear the Bandage/ Stockings Two Days After the Session?

I just had a schlerotherapy session last week, I was instructed to wear bandage or stockings after the treatment. I only wear the bandage/stockings... READ MORE

Discoloration After Sclerotherapy?

Hello, I had blue spider vein on my left calf. I went to a cosmetic surgeon in a respected hospital and had sclerotherapy done. The Dr. missed my vein... READ MORE

Post Sclerotherapy on Breast Veins, Staining? (photo)

I developed blue veins after my breast augmentation 2 years ago.I had sclerotherapy injections on my breast veins one week ago to remove them.The... READ MORE

Severe matting and spider veins after sclerotherapy treatment of several reticular veins. Will this go away? (Photos)

I have had both GSVs and Lower SVs closed as well as pelvic closures. Now I want my legs back! After sclerotherapy of several reticular veins I have... READ MORE

When will bleeding stop after hemorrhoid sclerotherapy treatments?

Hi I have been diagnosed with two small internal hemorrhoids that bleed after I have a bowel movement. They stain the toilet paper. My proctologist... READ MORE

Is this red coloring normal after Sclerotherapy? (Photo)

I had sclerotherapy injected for spider veins. It has been a week and there is still some dark red blotches like the one shown in the picture. Is this... READ MORE

How long before I see results from sclerotherapy of hand veins? (Photo)

Had sclerotherapy 1 week ago on my bulging hand and wrist veins, immediate compression and I am still wearing compression gloves. I had the 3%... READ MORE

New broken capillaries a week after sclerotherapy. Is this normal?

I had sclerotherapy a week ago for a medium blue vein on my shin. Today I removed my stockings for a bath, I noticed that as well as bruising along... READ MORE

1 week post op Percutaneous Sclerotherapy, still experiencing pain and swelling. Is this common?

My 12 year old daughter underwent a Percutaneous Sclerotheray procedure in her right knee on 11/12/14 and is still experiencing pain and swelling. The... READ MORE

Should I have this much bruising from Sclerotherapy? (photos)

Had Sclerotherapy to both upper thighs 5 days ago. Bruising us very bad. Using compression stockings and bruise cream. READ MORE

Pain in calf after sclerotherapy. Can anyone advise me what it could be and how long it could take to clear?

I recently had sclerotherapy in right thigh on 4cm varicose vein. I was advised to wear a stocking for 4 days but after 24 hours I was experiencing... READ MORE

Swollen and painful branch vein after sclerotherapy. What could that be?

I had scelerotherapy done one week ago in the large branch vein. It is now swollen and very painful in both legs. What could that be? READ MORE

Sclerotherapy on temple area for bulging veins. How long will the veins look bigger and plump until they go away?

I had sclerotherapy 5 days ago on the my temple area and was wondering how long the veins look bigger and plump until they go away, I have a follow up... READ MORE

Is scaring normal after a small facial angionoma (size of pen tip) was removed by sclerotherapy?

About 5 days ago a small angionoma (size of pen tip/completely flat) was removed above my lip by sclerotherapy. I now have a larger and more visible... READ MORE

Is this matting after Sclerotherapy? I had it done 1 week ago on my spider veins. (photos)

I had Sclerotherapy done a week ago on spider veins by a vascular surgeon. The rest of my veins are healing pretty well except this area looks bad to... READ MORE

Compression stocking needs to be worn during bed time after vein procedure?

I had the benefit procedure 5 days ago and I have been wearing compression stockings 24 hrs a day , I only taking off when shower but I can't tolerate... READ MORE

How do I know if I have DVT?

I had sclerotherapy treatment a week ago and I have a sore area on my thigh. It's red and hot to touch. You can feel a hard lump under the skin.... READ MORE

No bruising. Does that mean the treatment is not working?

Last Tuesday i did the sclerotherapy.I wore my stockings for 5 days day and night and now i am wearing them only during the day.At night time now i... READ MORE

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