Is There Any Effect if You Only Wear the Bandage/ Stockings Two Days After the Session?

I just had a schlerotherapy session last week, I was instructed to wear bandage or stockings after the treatment. I only wear the bandage/stockings for like 2-3 days because I need to go to work..and I can't wear those things when I'm working. Is there any effect if I only compressed my legs for 2-3 days?

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2 days is adequate.

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Post sclerotherapy compression hose is recommended and should be worn. The controversy is how long to wear them and this ranges from one day to 6 weeks. I recommend 48 hours and I have had patients wear them for this amount of time for over 15 years. I have not seen any difference in results whether the stockings are worn for 2 days or 6 weeks.

Naples General Surgeon

Post sclerotherapy compression hose

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Some doctors advise the wearing of compression hose, others use tape and cotton for a day.  Most would seem to advise the use of the hose for at least a day after the treatment which you did. You probably will get a good result regardless. Sclerotherapy does require a few treatments usually. Avoid blood thinners prior to the treatment which can help lessen bruising, hemosiderin discoloration and help effectiveness.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Stockings post sclero

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I believe that there is no need to wear compression stockings post Sclerotherapy.  The sclerosing agents used for this procedure will do what they are meant to do regardless of weather external compression is present or not. 

Comprerssion stockings for legs after sclerotherapy for spider veins may not be necessary

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Comprerssion stockings for legs after sclerotherapy for spider veins may not be necessary. It's main value is reducing bruising.

Edward Lack, MD
Chicago Dermatologist


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No one really knows the answer to this question. in theory compression aids sclerotherapy by allowing the sclero agent to contact the inside vein walls (the intima ) to get them to close down quicker. But that is all theory. i dont think a double blind study has ever been done to find out the answer to this question.  i usually tell patients at least two days and try up to a week. if u do have to take them off at least wear them at nights for a week.

How long do I wear compression stockings after sclerotherapy ? Buffalo Niagara Sclerotherapy and VenaSmart

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I recommend stockings for 3 months total. I tell my patients to wear them as much as tolerable in the first 2 weeks, even when recumbent (in bed) and then switch to wearing them during the day for the next 2.5 months - to finish the duration of 3 months total. 

Others recommend 2 days. Some sclerotherapy experts recommend 1 week total 24 hours a day and instruct the patient to NOT remove the stockings at all during that time period. 

As you can see, there is a wide range of recommendations. I would follow the individual recommendtions of the physician who does your sclerotherapy because the outcomes depend on his/her technique and the types of chemicals used. 

I recommend microfiber graduated medical compression stockings from VenaSmart. They are durable, washable, and very comfortable to wear, especially in areas of the country which are warm. 

Compression stockings

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It may be enough time but you should really be following your surgeon's advice. It could compromise your recovery rate.

Stockings & Sclerotherapy

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As a double board certified cosmetic laser dermatologist and pioneer of sclerotherapy treatment, I recommend that my patients continue to wear their compression garments for 1 week, 24 hours a day following their procedure. Though some may find this uncomfortable or an inconvenience, it greatly improves the outcomes of your treatment while promoting healing. Only wearing the compression garments for the first couple of days could potentially result in less optimal outcomes and require additional sclerotherapy treatments. After the first week, you can switch to a lighter stocking during the day.

Mitchel P. Goldman, MD
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon
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Compresion stockings after sclerotherapy

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I have been doing sclerotherapy since 1985. I tell my patients to wear them for 2 weeks while they are awake and sleep in them the first day. I know I sound tough but the results will be much better. I have patients that have had several treatments over the years and they admit they get better results with the treatments that they followed my rules. At an ASDS meeting many years ago a study was discussed verifying this discussion. As we know this is not a fun procedure to have done and it does cost some money, so why not maximize your results.

Wear stockings after sclero

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I will not do Sclero unless my patients agree to wear these! I have seen MUCH better results and less side effects when my patients wear the bandages for 2-3 days followed by good support hose (during the day) for 4-6 weeks.

Tracy Kuykendall, MD
Tulsa Dermatologist

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