1 Month Post-op + Sclerotherapy

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I Believe I Have Hemosiderin Staining After Sclerotherapy. How Can I Tell and What Should I Do?

I am post Sclerotherapy a little over a month. I am trying to look up what "Hemosiderin" or "staining" looks like because I think... READ MORE

After sclerotherapy treatments, when does the brownish color go away? (photo)

I am a black female and I had sclerotherapy treatments a month ago on the front of my leg for the straight bluish green veins and the wiggly bluish... READ MORE

Sclerotheraphy and Sun Exposure?

I had sclerotherapy 4 weeks ago on both of my legs and was wearing compression stockings 24/7 for 3 weeks and still wearing them some due to little... READ MORE

I have constant pressure/strubbing pain in my upper left calf 4 weeks after sclerotherapy. Advice please?

The pain started right after the procedure, and didn't diminished since.The procedure was done on veins behind my left knee and left leg upper thigh 4... READ MORE

Dark bruises and pigmentation after sclerotherapy?

I have done sclerotherapy in Nov 23 for one leg and I have developed spots and dark bruises. The injected large veins turned dark and the surrounded... READ MORE

I'm 4 weeks post my second sclerotherap. What are the marks, will they go away and how can I speed up recovery? (photo)

I'm 4 weeks post my second sclerotherapy session and there are marks all over my legs, some are bluish and bruise-like and others just look like... READ MORE

After sclerotherapy to a varicose vein I have noticed what appears to be a blood clot beneath the skin. Is this common?

I had a vein in my thigh injected around 4 weeks ago and it is still painful, lumpy, and has just developed what appears to be a clot beneath the skin... READ MORE

One month post sclerotherapy. Should my veins look like this? (Photo)

Just over four weeks ago I had just my right calf done with a groupon special. The doc treated a fairly long and dark reticular vein that went down... READ MORE

Any solution to brown stains after sclerotherapy? Willing to fly anywhere in Canada & US to have this fixed. Please help (Photo)

I had sclerotherapy 1 month ago for superficial spider veins. A very bad experience and extreme bruising. No follow up from Doc about my concerns. I... READ MORE

I've had 2 US guided sclerotherapy sessions and my calf is still sore 4 weeks out. Can this be normal? (Photo)

I'm in my 30s and healthy. I've had EVLT and 1 phlebectomy on this leg. I had 2 US guided foam injections 2 weeks apart. After my first injection I... READ MORE

Pain 1 month after Sclerotherapy. What is this drainage?

HI all, I got some veins issue, the doctor made made the needed tests and suggested for me Sclerotherapy or laser traitement. I choosed Sclerotherapy... READ MORE

Severe matting after Sclerotherapy, will it go away? (Photo)

I had EVLT treatment on both of my legs about a month ago. A week after the procedure I had my first session of sclero. Two weeks later I had a second... READ MORE

Deep ache in leg: Had the solution injected in my vein 5 weeks ago.

It still hurt as much as it did before I had it done deep ache READ MORE

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