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Options to Reduce Old, White Cigarette Burns and knife Scars?

Hi! I have numerous cigarette burns and some knife wounds that are very old (approximately 15 years). They have faded as much as possible, but are now... READ MORE

Scar Under Foreskin Raised & White- What Can I Do? (photo)

I am 21and suffered from balantis when i was young and for the last two years have a herpe like scar under my forskin which is raised white, i have... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove Long-term Scars Completely? (photo)

I'm 25 years-old and I have many scars on one of my legs since I was about 5 or 6. The scars are white and flat. I'm not sure the reason why I have... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Old White Hot Water Burn Scar?

So I was accidentally scalded by hot water when I was about 6 months old. I'm 18 years old now and I still have scarring on my chest/upper arm and... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of White Scar Tissue on my Lip? (photo)

Hi, A couple of years ago I bit my lip really hard and it has left me with white scar tissue when I smile. When I am not smiling I have a deep line... READ MORE

Is It Still Possible to Remove the Scars on my Knees for over Ten Years?

I got them since primary school during vacation, they're all white, flat & shiny. Creams & scar gels certainly don't work on them. I really... READ MORE

I have this white Scar on my lower lip that makes me so self conscious I've had it for years. How do i get rid of it? (photo)

I have this White Scar on my lower lip that makes me so self conscious I've had it for years. How do i get rid of it? READ MORE

Can I completely remove a small white scar?

A small white scar by wound healing..i have a very small white colored scar which was a result of wound healing after an is white in color.... READ MORE

How do I get rid of self harm white stars? (photo)

It's been a few months since I've been cutting myself. My scars had turned white but did not fade, that tells me that I probably did something very... READ MORE

How Can I Remove a White Scar on Lip? (photo)

How can I remove this white scar on my lower lip? It's a burn scar from an electronic cigarette. Thank-you! READ MORE

What can I do naturally to help this scar to look better, heal better, etc. any info will help? (photos)

I have a very raised red and white scar on my chin due to an injury I got about 2 months ago give it take. By the time i got to the doctors , i was... READ MORE

Self Inflicted Scar Removal?

For a long time, about three years my body has been littered with scars. Since the scars were self inflicted would that make a treatmennt more... READ MORE

I have a hypopigmented scar/white scar on my thigh. I would like to get it remove. What type of surgery would I need to get? (ph

I have this hypopigmentes scar on my right thigh. I've had it since I was maybe 18/19 I'm now 24. I've tried creams but that didn't help. How can I... READ MORE

How can I improve appearance of white self harm scars? (photo)

Is there are way to improve the appearance if white self harm scars? One is noticeably raised, a few slightly puffed or slightly depressed. I really,... READ MORE

Do white scars get worse with ageing? What is the best treatment for white scar on bridge of the nose? (photos)

I have a flat white scar on the bridge of my nose from an accident 5 years ago. It seems to be getting whiter and more difficult to cover with make-up... READ MORE

Can Necrosis Scarring (White) Be Treated to Return Pigmentation on Face? (photo)

Following cosmetic surgery, I experienced necrosis on a large area of my cheek, which has healed to a shiny white, without any pigment. My... READ MORE

What is the Most Effective Way to Get Rid of Old White Scars from Cutting? (photo)

These scars are approximately 9 years old. It was something I did in high school and no longer do. They're white, fairly flat and don't seem to be... READ MORE

What Can I Do About This White Spot on my Leg? (photo)

I have got a round white spot on my right knee for 5 years now. It all happened when I tried to shave my leg : right after I finished shaving it, it... READ MORE

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