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Is It Still Possible to Remove the Scars on my Knees for over Ten Years?

I got them since primary school during vacation, they're all white, flat & shiny. Creams & scar gels certainly don't work on them. I really... READ MORE

I Have Some Shiny Scars on my Nose and Arm. How Can I Remove Them? (photo)

I'm asian, 29 years old and have always had this type of scarring. The skin on the scar purple/brown (mostly brown) color and is really different from... READ MORE

Which Laser Treatment is Suitable to Remove my Scar on Hand? (photo)

Hi, I have a scar which was caused by a glass accident. There are many types of laser treatments, and I dont know which one is best for me. I have... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for an old shiny scar on my left leg?

I have an old scar on my left leg from chicken fox with the size of a quarter and it is shiny. I would like to know the best option to make it less... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of this scar on my forehead? (Photo)

I want it gone it looks small in photo but it's very visible and sometimes shiny in real life. I've had it since I was probably 5 or so i was jumping... READ MORE

Will this scar on my face disappear? How do I get rid of it? I am so depressed having this scar on my face. (photo)

I went to this local aesthetician who has convinced me to get rid of my facial wart thru laser which I really regret now. He didn't do a good job at... READ MORE

Could shiny skin on my nose be scar tissue? How to heal this?

I have been left with a permanently shiny texture on my nose following seborrheic dermatitis 8 months ago. When it's wet, it feels matte like it... READ MORE

I have scars on both legs. What's the best procedure to correct this? (Photo)

I have leg scar on both legs, its so obvious specially when i wear shorts, my scars is whitish and has a shiny cellophane like texture is there a way... READ MORE

Shiny scar with depressed center. What is it? How can it be removed? (photos)

Ive had a shiny scar with a depressed center on my arm right on my bicep, from what i can remember its been there for awhile i went to a walk in and... READ MORE

What would be the best treatment option for this hypertrophic scar on my finger? (Photo)

I have this hypertrophic scar that is red and shiny on my finger, and I am hoping to make it less visible. I am not sure, however, what options are... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Shiny Scars?

I use to have rolling scars and box scars 4 in total. I have silicon micro drops injection and the scarring are pretty much level up with the rest of... READ MORE

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