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What Treatments Are There for Ingrown Hair Scars on Breasts?

I am currently having laser hair removal around my nipples but up till now I have been plucking the hairs which caused some ingrown hairs. A couple... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for Pulled-in Surgery Scars?

I had a lumpectomy and removal of 3 lymph nodes and radiation on the left side that left me with pulled-in, nasty scars, and a nipple that faces to... READ MORE

Keloids Around Nipple After Breast Surgery

After a Breast Surgery I Developed Keloids Around the Nipple( Like a Ring).. Help? READ MORE

How to Treat White Scars on Nipples and Legs?

I have white scars around my nipples from augmentation and on my leg from mole removal. Ive gone to several PS and I just cant give up. White scars... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of Nipple Scars from Tape Without Surgery? (photo)

I been using tape on my nipple to make my chest look flat for 5 years and my nipple have scars tht look horrible , there's a pool party in September... READ MORE

Is it worth it to get surgery to remove my nipple piercing scar? And what type of doctor has done this before? (Photo)

I got my nipples pierced three times. I now have an open hole on each side of my nipple that still excretes yellow puss and white thick puss. It also... READ MORE

What can I use to remove scars after gynecomastia surgery?

I had gynecomastia surgery last December and still have scars about an two and a half inches underneath my nipple from the liposuction. I was told to... READ MORE

Any suggestions for nipple piercing scar?

I have a couple of scars on either side of one nipple after some poor teenage judgment and a piercing that I had for just a few of months. I was... READ MORE

Burn Scar Treatment in Nipple

2 months ago my 2 year old poured a hot cup of tea over her left chest now that her nipple appears darker than other will it be alright is there any... READ MORE

I got bitten on my nipple 10 years ago, is there any cosmetic procedure available to fix the scarring on the areola?

If i have to describe the scar, it would be like a curved horizontal line on the areola beneath the tip of my nipple Please let me know if its... READ MORE

Nipple scar removal?

Is there a way to remove scar tissue from inside the nipple due to a piercing? Also can removal of what looks like little cysts on the exit areas be done? READ MORE

I have scar on my nipple from an areola surgery 2 years ago. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi ,, ive had an areola nipple surgery 2 years ago and ive been taking courtezone shots for reducing the redness and thickness of the scar and now the... READ MORE

Nipple scar revision or medical tattooing? (Photos)

I had a breast augmentation surgery about 3 years ago and I have big scars under my nipples. I was wondering which one would be best for my case:... READ MORE

Scar reduction surgery 6 months ago? (photo)

Hello i had a scar reduction surgery for my left nipple 6 months and my question is that how long does it take to heal and doest it look normal ? this... READ MORE

Can scar tissue be surgically removed from inside the nipple?

Can scar tissue and the epithelialized tunnel from a piercing be removed from inside the nipple? Can little cysts and indents be removed from the exit... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Breast scar removal? (photos)

I had accessory nipples removed about 7 months ago, however the scars are very prominent. Is there a way I could make these scars less visable? READ MORE

Nipple and navel scarring. Any suggestions?

Basically my nipple piercing scar is practically a lump thing and my navel piercing is a dent. Is there any procedure to remove the scars READ MORE

Pain in scar tissue after excision on nipple

I had an abscess on my areola that was infected. Eventually a fistula formed and it would secrete pus and heal, opening continuously. Several months... READ MORE

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