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Improving Dog Bite Scar on Face of a Two Year Old?

My 2-year-old daughter was bitten by a dog 4 months ago. He punctured a tiny hole in the valley between her nose and cheek. Based on size, location... READ MORE

Dog Bite on Nose

Hi , You can call me Y2 and I'm 26 years old. Three years ago I was bitten by a dog on my nose. I got seven stitches from the left side of my nose... READ MORE

Options For Indented Facial Scar From Dog Bite? (photo)

I have indented red scar above my lip from a dog bite 18years ago would a filler help with the appearance? I would love to cover it atleast w/makeup... READ MORE

Cheek Scar Removal from Pitbull Attack

I have been living with my scar for 5 years now, it was inflicted upon me by my pitbull, he was trying to attack me. If you look close you can see the... READ MORE

What Are Other Scar Removal Options for Dogbite Scars on Cheek?

I was bit by a dog when I was three and over the last couple years, I have had cool touch laser, Restylane injections, and Fraxel lasers on my cheek.... READ MORE

How Do I Best Get Rid of a Depressed, Colorless Dog Bite Scar from when I Was 4?

When I was 4 years old I was bit by a dog and have a very noticeable scar that goes from mid-cheek to my top lip on my right side; I am now 24 years... READ MORE

Laser Scar Removal for Surgery Scars?

My fiance was attacked by a dog when she was younger. She had a lot of plastic surgery to rebuild her calf. As a result her leg is riddled with scars.... READ MORE

Dog Bite Scar on Cheek, for About 12 Years, Can Surgery Help?

I got bit by a dog on my cheek its been there for about 12 years now, its been bothering me laitly. Everyone asks me about it, im sick of it. Could... READ MORE

Dog Bite on the Nose. Using Kelo-Cote, But Is there Anything Else to Lessen the Appearance?

Hi, my name is Melissa. My mother's chihuahua bit my nose two weeks ago. He bit the sides of my nose (nostrils) which punctured through the right side... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid Of Scar From A Dog Bite When I Was 9 Yrs Old?

The dog bite scar is relatively small (about the size of a quarter) and located on right in the middle of my mid right thigh area. While not hideous... READ MORE

Possible to Remove Old Dog Bite Scar?

Is it possible to remove a dog bite scar that is more than 10 years old? READ MORE

How to Get Rid of a Noticeable Scar on the Face? (photo)

Hello, I have suffered from a dog bite on my face since I was 5. I am now 13 and wondering about some options of how to get rid of it. The skin within... READ MORE

My Daugter is 2 Years Old and Has a Dog Bite on Face Which Are Best Dissolvable or Non Dissolvable Stiches?

My daughter has been bitten on the cheek by a dog my surgeon has decided to use non dissolvable stiches. I was innitially told that because she was... READ MORE

Tissue scar on my lower lip from dog bite, what is the best way to remove it? (photo)

On 1/1/2014 ( just a few days ago) My dog bit me on my lower lip. Now I have a scar under the lip line and a bulge from inside my lip where the cut... READ MORE

Scar on face due to dog bite: Pulse dye laser in 6 weeks or wait 3 months for laser treatment? (Photo)

Some doctors have recommended to have pulse dye laser in 4 weeks, that would help with redness. In the other hand, they say its better to wait at... READ MORE

What type of procedure could help the indentation of the scar on my nose? (photo)

I was bit by a dog as a child and it left a scar that I have had for 17 years. It is normally more red I've just applied some vitamin e. I have... READ MORE

How Can I Remove This Scar, It Was from a Dog Bite when I Was 12, I Am Now 22? (photo)

How can i remove this scar, it was from a dog bite when i was 12, i am now 22. it is on my calf READ MORE

Dog bite and numbness?

I got bitten by a dog in the throat almost a year ago. I have numbness under my chin and towards the scars. it goes white in the cold and then i get a... READ MORE

What are some scar revision options for 3 yr old skin graft on cheek? (photos)

My 3yo was bit by a dog 6mo ago. Skin graft from behind ear bc there was a total loss of tissue on cheek. Dissolving stitches on other lacerations.... READ MORE

Copper Peptide Serum on a Child?

Hi! My 5 yo daughter got bitten by a dog 3 months ago, and I've been applying Palmer's scar serum on her since then. The scar is not not too obvious... READ MORE

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