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I Have a Chicken Pox Scar on the Middle of my Forehead, It is Deep (Basically a Dent)? (photo)

I have several chicken pox scars but the one on the middle of my forehead really bothers me as people always make remarks about it and i feel very... READ MORE

How to Remove Dent from Nose Piercing?

This summer I got my nose pierced and now there is a dent! I regret doing it and took it out that night. It has healed and I have been putting on over... READ MORE

Scar Revision: Deep Indented Forehead Trauma Scar - Fraxel or W/Z Plasty or Combo?

My fiancee's trauma scar on her forehead is indented and looks like she got hit with a hatchet. What scar revision methods would have the best... READ MORE

What Procedure Can Minimize Chicken Pox Scar?

I had chickenpox and there is a dent on my nose between eyes right side, what procedure can eliminate this scar or reduce its appearance also how to... READ MORE

How to Fix Dent Scar on Nose?

I had a red dot removed from the tip of my nose and now I have a round dent instead. My derm doctor wants me to wait 6 months before we talk about... READ MORE

Best Scar Removal Treatment for Indented Acne Scars?

I have about 6 indented acne scars on my face around mouth and cheeks. I'm wondering if there is a one time treatment that will help and if so how... READ MORE

Juvederm for Second Scar Revision on Forehead?

Years ago, I had a revision procedure performed on a couple of old chicken pox scars located on my forehead but unfortunately had less than 'ideal'... READ MORE

I have keloid on my forehead after an accident, what is the best option to remove it? (photo)

Hi I have a keloid on my forehead that was developed 6-7 years back after an accident. I did not get stitches on the wound and let it heal naturally,... READ MORE

Treating Dent Scar from Injection on a 2 Year Old?

My 2 year old son recently had to have a steroid injection. Several weeks later, we noticed a large indent at the injection site. Upon doing several... READ MORE

How to Remove Chemical Burn Scar on Nose?

I have a scar in the end of my nose that is approximately 1/2cm in diameter that was caused by a chemical burn last November. Although it has filled... READ MORE

Will Laser Treatments Be of Any Help with Indented Scars?

I have a few indented acne scars on my cheeks. I have gotten 5 sessions of Laser Genesis and it has not done anything for me. I am scared to waste... READ MORE

What would you recommend on fixing a dented scar? (photos)

I had a cyst removed from my scalp about 7 months ago. The area where the cyst used to be has become a dent in my head. I want to know if there is... READ MORE

Surgery to Repair Head Indent Due to Sharp Corner Knock?

I have an indent or scar from a knock from a sharp corner on my forehead and wondered if theres anything that can be done about it surgery wise? And... READ MORE

Huge dents in my face from I still keep moist with bacitracin or let them scab over in hopes they will fill in?

Hi, I had an old hypertrophic scar removed on the side of my nose. plastic surgeon had to create a flap and cut out the scar. after a week, I am left... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Get Rid of This Hypertrophic Scar and a Little Dent Left from Chicken Poxs? (photo)

They are both located on my forehead. I had to get stitches when I was a kid which left the scar and the scar from the chicken pox is also from childhood. READ MORE

Getting rid of feeding tube hole on stomach?

When I was young, I had to have a feeding tube due to health reasons. I can say I had for about a couple months to a year. Now that I'm older, I still... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the dent left in my nose after removing my nose piercing?

I got my nose pierced three months ago, and I just removed it because I didn't want it anymore. There was a dent left behind in my cartilage, how can... READ MORE

Is it possible to get the dent and the spot on my nose removed permanently? (Photo)

Ive had this small chicken pox scar on my nose since i was four and reallllllly would like it gone i would think it would be an easy fix because the... READ MORE

How do u get ride of a dent in the skin formed below a cyst? What does this mean? (photos)

I had a small lump form over a couple of mouths on my chest, so I went to the doctors and they said it was a cyst but a couple weeks after that a red... READ MORE

What treatment can I get done for deep dented scar on the bridge of my nose?

I split my nose open 4 years ago a friend was fell on me and her tooth went in my nose I should of got a stitch but never. I have a dented scar on the... READ MORE

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