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I Have a Chicken Pox Scar on the Middle of my Forehead, It is Deep (Basically a Dent)? (photo)

I have several chicken pox scars but the one on the middle of my forehead really bothers me as people always make remarks about it and i feel very... READ MORE

How to Remove Dent from Nose Piercing?

This summer I got my nose pierced and now there is a dent! I regret doing it and took it out that night. It has healed and I have been putting on over... READ MORE

Scar Revision: Deep Indented Forehead Trauma Scar - Fraxel or W/Z Plasty or Combo?

My fiancee's trauma scar on her forehead is indented and looks like she got hit with a hatchet. What scar revision methods would have the best... READ MORE

What Procedure Can Minimize Chicken Pox Scar?

I had chickenpox and there is a dent on my nose between eyes right side, what procedure can eliminate this scar or reduce its appearance also how to... READ MORE

How to Fix Dent Scar on Nose?

I had a red dot removed from the tip of my nose and now I have a round dent instead. My derm doctor wants me to wait 6 months before we talk about... READ MORE

Best Scar Removal Treatment for Indented Acne Scars?

I have about 6 indented acne scars on my face around mouth and cheeks. I'm wondering if there is a one time treatment that will help and if so how... READ MORE

Juvederm for Second Scar Revision on Forehead?

Years ago, I had a revision procedure performed on a couple of old chicken pox scars located on my forehead but unfortunately had less than 'ideal'... READ MORE

I have keloid on my forehead after an accident, what is the best option to remove it? (photo)

Hi I have a keloid on my forehead that was developed 6-7 years back after an accident. I did not get stitches on the wound and let it heal naturally,... READ MORE

Treating Dent Scar from Injection on a 2 Year Old?

My 2 year old son recently had to have a steroid injection. Several weeks later, we noticed a large indent at the injection site. Upon doing several... READ MORE

How to Remove Chemical Burn Scar on Nose?

I have a scar in the end of my nose that is approximately 1/2cm in diameter that was caused by a chemical burn last November. Although it has filled... READ MORE

Will Laser Treatments Be of Any Help with Indented Scars?

I have a few indented acne scars on my cheeks. I have gotten 5 sessions of Laser Genesis and it has not done anything for me. I am scared to waste... READ MORE

Surgery to Repair Head Indent Due to Sharp Corner Knock?

I have an indent or scar from a knock from a sharp corner on my forehead and wondered if theres anything that can be done about it surgery wise? And... READ MORE

What would you recommend on fixing a dented scar? (photos)

I had a cyst removed from my scalp about 7 months ago. The area where the cyst used to be has become a dent in my head. I want to know if there is... READ MORE

Huge dents in my face from I still keep moist with bacitracin or let them scab over in hopes they will fill in?

Hi, I had an old hypertrophic scar removed on the side of my nose. plastic surgeon had to create a flap and cut out the scar. after a week, I am left... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Get Rid of This Hypertrophic Scar and a Little Dent Left from Chicken Poxs? (photo)

They are both located on my forehead. I had to get stitches when I was a kid which left the scar and the scar from the chicken pox is also from childhood. READ MORE

Getting rid of feeding tube hole on stomach?

When I was young, I had to have a feeding tube due to health reasons. I can say I had for about a couple months to a year. Now that I'm older, I still... READ MORE

Is it possible to get the dent and the spot on my nose removed permanently? (Photo)

Ive had this small chicken pox scar on my nose since i was four and reallllllly would like it gone i would think it would be an easy fix because the... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the dent left in my nose after removing my nose piercing?

I got my nose pierced three months ago, and I just removed it because I didn't want it anymore. There was a dent left behind in my cartilage, how can... READ MORE

How do u get ride of a dent in the skin formed below a cyst? What does this mean? (photos)

I had a small lump form over a couple of mouths on my chest, so I went to the doctors and they said it was a cyst but a couple weeks after that a red... READ MORE

What treatment can I get done for deep dented scar on the bridge of my nose?

I split my nose open 4 years ago a friend was fell on me and her tooth went in my nose I should of got a stitch but never. I have a dented scar on the... READ MORE

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