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Redness After 18% Salicylic Acid Peel

I had my first 18% chemical peel done yesterday (22/07/11) for mild/mod acne (I have never had a chem peel prior). And today I am very red/ brown and... READ MORE

How should I treat my raw skin after salicylic acid peel? (photo)

I have raw skin on my face from a salicylic acid peel. I need help on how to treat it so i don't scar. I had my peel done 2 days ago. When I was in... READ MORE

Pink Skin Under Peeling from 18% Salicylic Acid Chemical Peel

I had an 18% sal acid chemical peel at my derm's office 2 days ago. Some areas have turned brown and are peeling quite substantially. The new skin... READ MORE

Is this severe redness caused by salicylic peel a symptom of permanent damage? (photo)

I was treated with a salicylic peel (SA peel from Enerpeel) today. Right after I was red as a tomato and from the pictures you can see how it looks... READ MORE

What is the probability of this acid burn mark fading to match my skin? (Photo)

I foolishly tried a regime of salicylic acid to treat a mole. The mole seemingly disappeared however...this remains. It's been a week since I've... READ MORE

Long-lasting redness on skin after Salicylic Peel?

I had my 10% salicylic peel 20th April in the evening. It's 5th day after now and I'm noticing that redness thas occures on my nose and cheeks is... READ MORE

20% salicylic acid peel healing process (Photo)

Hey i did a 20% salicylic acid peel 3 days ago it peeled all ready i think its very fast , and its very red and sensetiv never had that reaction... READ MORE

Facial redness after saliyclic peel.

I had a 20% salicylic peel almost three weeks ago, and my face remains super red. The dr put me on a desonide cream treatment and I've been using it... READ MORE

How do I cure this? Will the redness go away? (Photo)

I used salicylic acid on my acne but I accidentally pour it on the healty skin and the redness of it won't go away really need help i'm hopeless right... READ MORE

17% salicylic acid caused some surrounding skin to turn dark red. Will this go away on its own or should I apply something?

Using 17% salicylic acid on some molluscum contagiosum at the base of my penis and on the shaft helped reduce it, but caused some of the surrounding... READ MORE

Can Salicylic Acid Peel (15%) Remove Redness? Can I Safely up the Percentage At-Home?

I'm currently (and have been for approximately two years) struggling with persistent redness and uneven thick skin texture on nose and cheeks.... READ MORE

Just Had my First Salicyclic Peel Yesterday, the Majority of my Face is Blotched by Brown and Darkish-red Areas, Normal?

I am fifteen, with tan/olive skin and the peel was put on almost 24 hours ago. My face feels tight until I put on a prescribed "rescue gel". However... READ MORE

Redness after 20 percent acid peel. Will it go back to normal skin color? (Photo)

I have this redness after the scab fell of after doing 20 percent acid peel at dr office for removing brown spot on face .the scab fell odd within 5... READ MORE

Salicylic peel 20% peel redness. I'm really worried. Will it settle? (Photo)

I applied 20% salicyclic peel. But after few secs it started burning so I washed it off. And skin turned red. I have fair complexion. Am really... READ MORE

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