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The One Rosacea Treatment That Has Had a Massive Impact on my Life

I've lurked around on this board and I while I have never really commented I have read many of your stories. I don't normally post on forums but in this case I though it was worth the time if it helps one person. I was diagnosed with rosacea around four years ago. Runs in my family, I was... READ MORE

Rhinophyma Debulking & CO2 Laser - Round Rock, TX

My experience with Dr. Franco and staff was wonderful. I highly recommend them!The procedure was painless post-op (honest!), there were a few 'messy, drippy' days but healing went very quickly. Within 8 days I was to the pink stage, no scabs and able to go out in public. At 3 weeks, 2 days I... READ MORE

70 Year Old with Redness on my Face and a Few Visible Veins. Milwaukee, WI

I wanted to have a more even skin tone and not have to wear makeup. After three treatments, my skin looks wonderful and the redness and veins have disappeared. The three light treatments were done a month apart with minimal discomfort and the down time was some redness the same day as the... READ MORE

Patient Home Care Instructions - Pasadena CA

I knew little of the pre and post care instructions until I went through the process. The Patient Home Care Instructions were given to me the day of the procedure. Because this information was not received earlier, cream and necessities had to be purchased that day. Also, further care... READ MORE

Natural Remedy for Rosacea

Completely by accident, I have found something that seems to be helping my Rosacea (pustular type) / Seborrheic Dermatitis. I've had the two for years and for the last few years the redness and bumps never go away and the rash was all over my face - cheeks, sides of chin, eyebrows , forehead -... READ MORE

55 Year Old Man W/ Rosacea Finds a Treatment That Worked! - Fort Myers, FL

I have been fighting with Rosacea for over 15 years and I have tried it ALL!! Creams, Lotions, IPL, OTC products ..you name it I tried it. So lets get right to it. I have a very aggressive Stage 1 w/ some Seborrhea. So I have combo Skin which makes it even tuffer to fix. Here is what I did. I... READ MORE

Perfect Choice

I Have been visiting Dr. Bowes' place for three years more or less. Since I started my treatment there my Rosacea problem stopped bothering me. This place is wonderful,and I want to recomend Dr. Zuzel Gascon, who is the specialist that has been taking care of me since I started because of many... READ MORE

Excellent Dermatologist. Real Results. - Millburn, NJ

I have been a patient of Dr. Ehrenreich for the past 3 years; after bouncing around from one dermatologist to another dealing with skin concerns including vitiligo and rosacea. I have found in Dr. Ehrenreich a reliable and trustworthy professional who took the time to formulate real solutions.... READ MORE

55yr White Female (Mis?) Diagnosed with Rosacea Found Her Solution

I have been using prescription 5% permethrin cream for approximately two years and it has made all the difference in the world. What I think was causing my "rosacea" was an allergic reaction to demodex mites. I used to have constant redness and itching with bouts of rosacea "pimples" as... READ MORE

Much Needed Second Opinion for Rosacea-Acne, Nashville, TN

About 6 months ago, I was diagnosed with Rosacea by a local Dermatologist. She prescribed Metrogel and antibiotics and instructed me to use 6 (six) additional creams and lotions on a daily basis. None of these products helped. In fact, the Rosacea got steadily worse. After about 3 months, I... READ MORE

I Received No Help From This Doctor. Las Vegas, NV

I went to Dr. Landow for help with my Rosacea. My face gets little tiny red rough dots all over it when it gets too hot. When I went to him, his only suggestion was to put a can of cold cola on it. He didn't educate me on any other options. I don't recommend him. He is strange and a waste of... READ MORE

The Best Dermatologist in WLA, Look No Further - Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Joshua Wieder is one of the finest doctors I met. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but being calm and collected, his patients are always well informed and less nervous. His office and staff are well run and as a result, usually, he will not keep you waiting. If you are looking for... READ MORE

Kefir........Reduce Redness Naturally, Effective, Painless and Cheap! - California

The last 4 days I've been putting Kefir on my face. Morning and night, as much as it will absorb. I'm noticing a great reduction in redness and irritation. I'm using the organic, lactose free, probiotic Kefir from any good grocery store. I'm assuming the 'good' bacteria is getting rid of the... READ MORE

Went to a Professional for Treatment. York, PA

I have been treated for rosacea for over 20 years. I was so happy with my treatments but the place I went to no longer does any lasers. I went to a new doctor and the girl who did my treatment burnt my face to the point where I had oozing blisters. I also have some spots where I fear I will wind... READ MORE


Had aerolase laser for my rosacea. My face was burnt with blisters and pus oozing for over 2 weeks. After healing I see no improvement. I have a spot which I fear will become a permanent scar. I have had other treatments which after one visit showed improvement. I am very disappointed in this... READ MORE

Sensitive Face: Fed Up with my Rosacea and Allergic Reaction!!!! - Syracuse, NY

I have rosacea and I feel like my life revolves around it. I have to be extremely careful with what I use on my face and have to pay attention to the environment, the products and foods I eat because all of these things have a direct affect on my skin. For my job I have a great deal of... READ MORE

65 Years Old, Resistant Rosacea for 20 Years - Lone Tree, CO

I have had rosacea for 20 years and have tried every medication and treatment for it during that time. We moved to Colorado almost 2 years ago and the intense sun out here sent it right into major flaring pretty constantly, despite being on oral medication and using a topical medication. My... READ MORE

'35 Years with a Desperate Resolution to Rosacea Forming on my Nose' Toronto, ON

I am pleased to have walked in Edelstein cosmetic clinic, for the problem of broken vessels formed around my nose. When waiting in the patient area for Petra Hughes (Medical Aesthetician), another staff member offered me tea or coffee. My thoughts were simply amazed as to the great service... READ MORE

Herbe Sois Calming Moisturizer - Irvine, CA

I have not found anything that really works for rosacea in the last 10 years but this calming moisturizer from Organic Radiance Skincare does. My doctor recommended it, and I've been using it for about 6 months. It truly helps my redness and acne. It has herbal extracts and is organic, and I... READ MORE

Best Care Team in the Triangle - Raleigh, NC

Since childhood I have been a deep blusher. In adulthood this turned to an unnatural purple that caused alarm, especially with stress, exercise or wine. I finally found Blue Water Spa where Debbie M. has taken good care of my skin like it is her own! I depend on Debbie (and Maribeth H.) to... READ MORE

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