Rhinoplasty Videos

Rhinoplasty: Nobody Could Tell She Had Nose Surgery

Dr. Shashidhar Kusuma's past patient, Irini, explains why she chose to get rhinoplasty and her experience throughout the procedure. VIEW NOW

Nose Surgery: What Is Important to Consider for Your Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Edward Ricciardelli discusses rhinoplasty and cosmetic surgery of the nose. He talks about what is important when selecting your plastic surgeon. VIEW NOW

Revision Rhinoplasty: Correcting a Pinched and Pointy Nose

Dr. Anthony Bared discusses a revision rhinoplasty for a woman who had an over-projected nose, pinched middle vault and the pointy tip. VIEW NOW

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Bellafill Review: Learn Why This Woman Loves This Permanent Filler

Dr. Brian Windle shares this video of his former patient, Dawn. She had Bellafill for a permanent lip augmentation and to correct her nose after a rhinoplasty left her with pinched look in the middle of her nose. VIEW NOW

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Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Surgical Nose Jobs

Live from New Orleans at ASDS 2016, Dr. Suneel Chilukuri answers some common questions regarding non-surgical and minimally-invasive rhinoplasty. VIEW NOW

Nose Surgery: Why Choose Scarless Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Deepak Dugar explains why scarless rhinoplasty is his first choice for eligible patients and the benefits it has over open rhinoplasty. VIEW NOW

Ethnic Nose Surgery: See Her Nose After the Splint Is Removed

Dr. Michael Elam performed an ethnic rhinoplasty and septoplasty on this woman. See her initial reaction and post-op images in this video. VIEW NOW

See This Nose Transformation

Dr. Sam Lam shares the results of a woman who underwent rhinoplasty. VIEW NOW

See This Rhinoplasty Transformation: Before & After

Dr. Sam Lam shares this before and after transformation of a former rhinoplasty patient. VIEW NOW

What to Expect Before and After a Scarless Rhinoplasty Surgery

Dr. Deepak Dugar walks through the typical process for a scarless rhinoplasty procedure. VIEW NOW

Closed Rhinoplasty: 7-Day Flash Recovery

Dr. Deepak Dugar explains what the closed rhinoplasty approach is, as well as the seven day recovery after the procedure. VIEW NOW

Nose Surgery Reveal: See This Before & After

Dr. Michael Elam gave this woman a complete nose transformation and shares the results. VIEW NOW

Nose Hump: Before & After Transformation

Dr. Sam Lam shows a before and after transformation of this woman's nose hump reduction and a nasal tip refinement. VIEW NOW

Dallas Rhinoplasty Before and After Video Transformation

Dr. Sam Lam shares this video of a woman who underwent surgery for a hump reduction for her nose and a nasal tip refinement. VIEW NOW

Rhinoplasty and Facelift Aging Video Transformation

Dr. Sam Lam shares this transformation video of a woman who had a facelift and rhinoplasty procedure, which also minimized loose skin and wrinkles on her neck. VIEW NOW