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Clear Yellowish Fluid Oozing out of my Alar Incision After Rhinoplasty

What is this and what caused this? Is this normal or Should i be alarmed? What to do? READ MORE

Is this yellow crust inside my nose normal? (photos)

I had rhinoplasty/septoplasty 7 months ago and since 3 months ago I started getting this crust inside my nose with burning sensations. I already went... READ MORE

Is the Yellow Patch Inside my Nostril an Infection?

I had a rhinoplasty 13 months ago and still experience swelling and redness. I have been told this is likely an infection on here. I can see something... READ MORE

6 Days Post-op and All Bruising is Faded to Yellow. However I Notice a Purple Bruise Under my Cast?

Had primary rhinoseptoplasty with turbinate reduction and tip definition/ bridge straightening 6 days ago. Went well and healing well. Cast comes off... READ MORE

3 months after sinus rhinoplasty surgery. Is it normal to have yellow mucous discharge?

I have done 3 months ago rhinoplasty sinus surgery ,fixed deviated septum ,cleaned out sinuses and enlarged turbinates reduction recently yellow... READ MORE

Is it normal to have white/yellow-ish puss around my nose stitches from Rhinoplasty? Under dried blood. (photos)

Sugery was on June 17 2015 I'm supposed to go see the doctor this Wednesday June 24th, I'm concerned because he didn't tell or give me any antibiotics... READ MORE

5 days post op Rhinoplasty, I have yellow drainage. Is this normal?

Hello it has been 5 days since i had my rhinoplasty..i'm having much disgusting yellowish discharge from my it normal? does smiling affect my... READ MORE

Experiencing yellow oozing with a foul odor coming from my left nostril post septorhinoplasty (9 days PO), what causes it?

Whats causing the clear yellow substance? And is this something I should address, or is it considered something fairly normal? Also, I was wondering... READ MORE

Nose Implant Yellow Fluid Coming out. What Can I Do?

I had a silicone implant, after 2 weeks there was a yellow fluid coming out underneath the tip of the nose. It seems infected but the doctor said... READ MORE

Are these yellow things stitches and have I ruined anything?

I was cleaning the inside of my nose three weeks post rhinoplasty and stuck to the inner side of my nose there was something yellow and long and I... READ MORE

2 months after rhinoplasty yellow discharge and swelling - is there any treatment?

I notice that there were yellowish liquid coming out where sutures are i try to massage my nose knowing it helps to drain everytime i massage it the... READ MORE

Why do I keep getting this yellow crust in my nose every day? I don't have allergies. (photos)

I had Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty 9 months ago and since 3 month ago I started getting this yellow crust inside my nose. I already went to see my surgeon... READ MORE

Little Amount of Semi Dried Yellow Subtance with Blood Went out While Cleaning and It's Gone (Day 11-rhino,tip &alarplasty)?

While cleaning the inside part of my nose. i semi dried yellow-red substance with blood came out on the incision area under my right nose tip). It's... READ MORE

Is this yellow dry crust/mucus that I get every day normal, specially in the morning at 9 month post-op? (photos)

I had Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty 9 months ago and since 3 month ago I started getting this yellow crust inside my nose. I already went to see my surgeon... READ MORE

Yellow skin under eyes and red spots on nose after rhinoplasty, will this go away?

24 days ago I had a nosejob and I was so stupid to walk under the sun 1 week after my nosejob without any protection. Will this ever go away and what... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty, why do I keep getting big scabs around my stitches, yellow smelly substance under scabs?

Now 12 Days post op and I don't think my stitches are healing correctly, my doctor didn't prescribe antibiotics, my last check up was on the 24th I... READ MORE

Is yellow crusting 7 months after rhinoplasty normal? (Photo)

I had Septorhinoplasty 7 months ago and everything was healing well but in the last 2 months I been getting crusting that is yellow and sometimes with... READ MORE

1 yr post op Rhinoplasty, what is causing dents to appear on the side of the tip of my nose (between center tip and nostril)?

My doctor said we should "de-project" my tip. Now, when I smile/inhale deeply an indentation (size pencil eraser) appears on the tip/side of my nose,... READ MORE

I have yellow, nasal drip after being hit in the nose Saturday. Should I worry? Had rhinoplasty 1 year ago.

I had sinus surgery and rhinoplasty one year ago. Over the weekend I was hit on one side of my face with someone's head by accident. Ever since then,... READ MORE

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