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Is it safe to drink the Emergen-C vitamin packet mixes before surgery?

I'm not sure why my doctor said I cant have any vitamin c two weeks prior my surgery. I'm a teacher so I try avoid getting sick at all costs. READ MORE

Post Rhinoplasty and Having Concerns About Healing?

Hi, Just had my op 2 days ago feeling down so had a little cry today. Being in a foreign country alone probably not helping, Also not being able to go... READ MORE

Red alae with pimple-like 3 weeks post op rhinoplasty. (photo)

Hi, i had open rhinoplasty (augmentation, tiplasty, & alarplasty) Im On my 3rd week now & my right alae is red and there is a little bump... READ MORE

Swelling went away eight months post rhinoplasty but has come back a year and a few months post op. Why did this happen?

So I had a rhinoplasty December of 2014 and my last checkup before I made an emergency appointment was sometime in June of 2015. At that point... READ MORE

Is vitamin C good for rhinoplasty?

Hello , i am considering a rhinoplasty in 2 months. So i am gathering all the info i can get . 1. some people double the dosage of vit C up to 3000mg... READ MORE

Can I have rhinoplasty if my hemoglobin is low and I'm slightly anemic?

Hi, I am having rhinoplasty for a deviated septum 10 days from now and found out that my hemoglobin is 10.1, my iron is 18, and my hematocrit is 34.2.... READ MORE

Does vitamin C affect scar tissue formation and how?

I recently had Rhinoplasty and already struggle with scar tissue forming. I read that Vit C might actually increase scar tissue, although my ENT said... READ MORE

Nutrition before a rib graft rhinoplasty.

So I found out that Vitamin k helps clot blood. But there are two versions. K1 and K2. Do both of them clot blood? I have stopped taking Vitamin E to... READ MORE

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