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My Nose Vibrates when I Breathe Hard and I Got Rhinoplasty Atleast 4 Weeks Ago, What's Happening?

My nose vibrates every time I breathe hard or blow my nose. Can someone tell me what's going on? I got my nose atleast 4 or 5 weeks ago READ MORE

Is It Normal to Experience Some Vibration at This Time After Nose Surgery?

I had Rhinoplasty exactly 6 months ago, whenever I go on a bumpy car ride (not exaggeratedly bumpy, just uneven roads and stuff). I can feel the... READ MORE

Would Eating Popcorn Affect my Rhinoplasty?

Hey there,it's 2 weeks and a day after my rhinoplasty, was eating popcorn, feeling strong vibrations on my nose, and a little weird shaking... READ MORE

Hit My Forehead 16 Weeks Post Rhino. Did I Damage My Rhinoplasty?

I'm 16 weeks post op rhino and today I was gettting into my car and happened to hit my forehead into the top of the door... I did not hit my nose... READ MORE

5 weeks post op Rhinopasty: What would be causing a weird bellowing vibration feeling?

I have this weird bellowing vibration of air in my nose when I breath in when crying or sniffling, This vibration is from the left nostril not the... READ MORE

Hi, I'm About 3 Weeks and 3 Days Post Op, I Was Just Wondering if Vibrations Could Mess Up my Nose Job?

Let me elaborate on "vibrations" 1.) Loud music bass 2.) People stomping around my house 3.) Slamming car doors and feeling it I know I may seem... READ MORE

Can very loud music/vibrations affect a rhinoplasty 7 days post op?

I went to a band practice 7 days post rhinoplasty. I did not sing obviously but wanted to be there for my band. The bass guitar and drums were... READ MORE

Vibrations from Twist Blender After Rhinoplasty?

Some blenders are made to turn on when you twist it clockwise and to automatically shut off when you release it. This means that in order for the... READ MORE

Can coffee, sun exposure and alcohol cause swelling or decrease healing process 1 year post surgery?

I had a rhinoplasty surgery 1 year ago, most of the swelling is obviously gone but according to a rhinoplasty surgeon who had a look at my pictures... READ MORE

Hit nose tip after 8 days post rhinoplasty - Should I be concerned?

I had rhinoplasty for tip work and bridge augmentation, and I am at 8 days post op. When I was washing my face earlier, I accidentally hit the tip of... READ MORE

Vibration to nose and ears post surgery

I'm about a year post rhinoplasty and otoplasty and I was operating a machine at work that rattled and vibrated your body. After the work day my ears... READ MORE

9 months post op, my nose vibrates when I cry. Can feel scar along incision made internally in nose. Is this normal?

9 months post op deviated septum, hump on bridge of nose shaved, and radio frequency to shrink turbinates. When ever I cry my nose still vibrates, its... READ MORE

Is it okay to use an electric toothbrush after rhinoplasty?

I have been washing my teeth with an electric toothbrush since day 1 after the surgery. Did I damage my nose? I am freaking out. It doesn t hurt it... READ MORE

When I sing I can feel the vibrations in my nose. Will this subside in time? Septorhinoplasty.

I am a singer and have the correct breathing and singing technique but as you can imagine to sing certain words or sounds, there is a buzz/humming and... READ MORE

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