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Why are my eye bags worse after Rhinoplasty? (photos)

Hi im 7 weeks post op and my eye bags got worse additionally adding dark circles and darker corners. I had very little bruising after surgery. I... READ MORE

Under eye bags getting worse after rhinoplasty (photos)

Hi Doctors thank you for your answers. Unfortunately my under eye bags are getting worse and worse instead of getting better. I look worse than I... READ MORE

How long do under eye bags and pools from Rhinoplasty last? (photo)

I want to get closed rhinoplasty ONLY to remove a hump in my nose. Nothing else. I don't want an osteotomy, and I don't even care if there is a small... READ MORE

Plastic surgery advice for nose, and other if needed. (Photo)

Hello, I am 18 and I have never liked my nose or these bags under my eyes. I have come to hear for some expert advice on what you would recommend for... READ MORE

Should I consider a type of surgery for my asymmetrical nostrils? (photos)

I get congested easily and have very dark circles/under eye bags which Ive been told are both genetic but from congested nose which occurs when... READ MORE

The info changes each time - what do I actually need to achieve the results I'm looking for? (photo)

Maxilo/profiloplasty/Rhinoplasty - The approach/info varies in each consultation - can someone please advise on what I would need to: 1)... READ MORE

What type of facial cosmetic should I do? (photos)

Mid 40's noticing my eyes seem sucken in, my nose is growing crooked and is getting very large. I also have large bags under my eyes. Is it better to... READ MORE

What if you've had both open and closed surgery? Whats the approximate full recovery?

When should I expect the bruising and the bruised bump on the side of my upper nose to go away? I still have designer bags under my eyes but I'm... READ MORE

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