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Tingling on Nose Tip 6 Months Post-op Rhinoplasty / Turbinoplasty

Rhinoplasty & Turbinoplasty6mnths Ago Now Tingling on End Nose, Getting Worse? READ MORE

Is Tingling Feeling After Rhinoplasty Normal Where Bump Was Removed?

I am 4 weeks post op and I had a small bump removed after rhinoplasty. I keep having this tingling feeling every once in a while where the bump was... READ MORE

Cartilage on the Tip of my Nose is Tingly. It Was Tingly When I First Got My Nose Job Also. Reasons?

I'm not sure why it does this. It did this before my first procedure (I haven't had a second yet, but I am in a month). I don't think it has to do... READ MORE

Obstructed Nostril and Tingly Sensations After a Blow to the Nose, What Can I do?

Hi, a few years ago i took a blow to the side of the nose (left). Ever since my left nostril has been obstructed, i also feel pressure and tingly... READ MORE

Redness and Swelling Six Months After Rhinoplasty. Very Concerned?

I am a male who had an open rhinoplasty almost exactly 6 months ago. I have become very distraught during my recovery due to chronic flare-ups in... READ MORE

Nose Tingling and Twitching 1 Month Post Op?

I had surgery 1 month ago, and for the past 2-3 weeks my nose will sometimes get a very strange tingling feeling, usual on the left side of my nose,... READ MORE

5th Day After Rhinoplasty. Whacked Nose and Now Have a Tingling Sensation. What Could This Mean?

Hi, I'm very disappointed to say that so early after rhinoplasty, I accidentally whacked the tip of my nose with the wire of my laptop charger. It was... READ MORE

Nose Tip Tingles and Painful 7 Months After Closed Reduction?

In late December 2010 i fractured my nose, leaving it slightly dispaced and the septum slightly displaced. On January 10th i had closed reduction... READ MORE

6 mo post-op Rhinoplasty (& sinus surgery) with crooked nose, still have a bump and major swelling on sides. (photos)

My nose looks pretty swollen still & feels tingly on the bridge most days. How much does swelling go down after 6 mo? Nose looks crooked. Is it uneven... READ MORE

Can smiling, grinning or prolonged laughter 16 days after septorhinoplasty have any negative impact on my nose and final result?

I find myself becoming very paranoid about the littlest things, as though I might somehow inadvertently damage my new nose. For two weeks I held back... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have a Permanent Tingling at the Bottom of the Nostrils After Having a Rhinoplasty?

By this I mean it's not all the time but it is daily and weather changes affect it. No lie. READ MORE

Rhinoplasty recovery question. Is it acceptable to do light housework?

I am 5 days post op Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant. most of the swelling and bruising are down. Is it acceptable to do light housework? Also, I... READ MORE

I am 2 weeks post op and accidentally pulled a stitch out of my nose. Did I cause damage? (Photo)

I am scared that I have caused damage by pulling a stitch out of my nose 2 weeks post op. I was gently picking on the inside of my left nostril where... READ MORE

Could this be swelling or not? (photos)

I'm 8 weeks post op of having septorhinoplasty. I can breathe clearly now and my dorsal hump is gone. My nose tip looks more swollen in the morning.... READ MORE

Is tingling and numbness in my cheeks normal after rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 4 days ago and I been experiencing some tingling and numbness in my cheeks. Is this normal? How long does it last? READ MORE

Is it likely for a hit to the tip of the nose 5 weeks after septorhinoplasty to cause any damage or structural changes?

Doctors, My dog jumped up and hit the tip of my nose with the top of his head. I felt some discomfort and tingling in my nose for about 15-20 seconds... READ MORE

Why do I have tingling in my nose 10 years post rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty 10 years ago and in the last week have experienced extreme tingling on the bridge where the bump was removed. Is this normal, and... READ MORE

Broke my nose seven years ago, should I look into getting it reconstructed? (Photo)

I broke my nose when I was 10 (17 now) but I never had any treatment because my mother didn't know whether I needed it or not. Recently I've noticed... READ MORE

5 months post Rhinoplasty my nose is tingling after hitting my nose in the sea/pool in a humid climate. Should I be concerned?

Im 5 months post up in nose surgery. And iwent sea and pool before one week to humid area i had been hit a little on nose also it didnt hurt or bleed ... READ MORE

Tingling feeling when I bite my lower lip?

I had a closed rhinoplasty a few days ago and wondering if I have a little nerve damage. All I can describe the feeling is - Feeling like I've pierced... READ MORE

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