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Taking Glucosamine After Rhinoplasty

I had a nose job done years ago, where some cartilage in my nose was removed or reshaped. I wanted to take glucosamine for my joints, but heard that... READ MORE

No Herbal or Dietary Supplements Before Septo/rhinoplasty?

At my Pre-Op appointment I was told to stop taking herbal and dietary supplements before my surgery... I'm kind of confused because I am super active... READ MORE

Bodybuilding Supplements and Nose Job?

I am taking creatine and protein shake as supplements to get a muscular body. i am having a rhinoplasty in 2 months. so my question is can i continue... READ MORE

Chia Seeds After Rhinoplasty

I had open rhinoplasty 21 days ago. I am definitely still in the healing stages: my nose is still a bit stuffy; tip is numb; columella is a bit sore;... READ MORE

Pre-workout Supplements After Nose Surgery?

I had septoplasty, rhinoplasty and turbinectomy all at once a few weeks ago. I remember reading a few pre workout supplement labels that say not to... READ MORE

Have any doctors told their patients they can't take Arnica Montana and Bromelain before a surgery?

I've read on here and various sites that a lot of people take these herbs to help reduce swelling/inflammation. When I spoke with a nurse today she... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty 1 Month Post Op. Will It Effect My Results to Take Amino Acids?

Its been 35 days since my Rhino-septoplasty surgery. Ofcourse i have swelling on my tip. Anyways I'm gonna go back to the gym starting tomorrow... READ MORE

How long after Rhinoplasty should nasal passages be swollen (requiring nose spray for breathing)? Should I continue Supplements?

8 wks post-rhinoplasty (cosmetic + deviated septum). Terminates/septum are still so swollen that I can't breathe without using Afrin nose spray 2x a... READ MORE

Which supplements would you recommend for healing after a open tip rhinoplasty with septoplasty?

I have started consuming the following daily: Glucosamine Sulphate - 1000mg Zinc - 100mg Magnesium - 1000mg L Glutamine - 10g Whey Protein... READ MORE

Can Supplements for Hair Negatively Influence the Recovery After Rhinoplasty?

I have problems with hair loss, but before trying any supliments I would like to know if supliments for hair and nails could negatively influence the... READ MORE

Collagen Supplement after Rhinoplasty?

Hi, is it safe to drink this powdered collagen (5,250mg) supplement with hyaluronic acid, elastin and biotin 2 weeks after a tip plasty (septal... READ MORE

1 year post open rhinoplasty with tip work - will taking L-methionine supplement for hair loss make nose cartilage grow back ?

Hi Drs, silly question most probably ... I have started taking L-methionine supplements to combat hair loss. I read that L-methionine promotes... READ MORE

Anaemic - can Rhinoplasty still be carried out?

My iron level (not sure what part) is 109 and apparently that is in anaemic range. I am starting iron supplements. Will my surgery still be able to go... READ MORE

How to heal nose cartilage?

I was recently in a bad car accident and my head hit the steering wheel causing my nose to completely split on the left nostril. It completely broke... READ MORE


Want to make sure I am fit, healthy and ready for my operation: How do I prepare before my rhinoplasty surgery? Any diet changes? Any lifestyle... READ MORE

Nitric Oxide supplements after closed rhinoplasty safe?

I had closed rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago, and the nasal tip is still swollen (this was expected). Would taking a nitric oxide booster (such as l-arginine... READ MORE

Nutrition before a rib graft rhinoplasty.

So I found out that Vitamin k helps clot blood. But there are two versions. K1 and K2. Do both of them clot blood? I have stopped taking Vitamin E to... READ MORE

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