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My husband has bone spurs in his nasal passages.

My hubs has seen an ENT in our area that has suggested he needs surgical intervention to properly open his passages. I'm wondering is a deviated... READ MORE

Will insurance cover the filing of a bone spur on my nose? If not, how much does it usually cost? (Photo)

I have bone spur on my nose from a break that happened about 10 years ago. The bone spur was never an issue in the beginning but it has grown and now... READ MORE

Bone spur? (photos)

On the inside right side of my nose i feel a sharp like bony ball near the base and the wall of the right nose is also somewhat bony. The left side... READ MORE

Is this a bony spur that has grown right after rhinoplasty. What can I do? Also will my nose remain crooked? (Photo)

I underwent rhinoplasty a month and a half ago. My cast was removed 8 days post op and I noticed a small hard lump on the left side of my bridge where... READ MORE

Functional Rhinoplasty Fail?

Hi. I'm a 43 year old male and had a func. rhinoplasty, to include: Turbinate reduction; correction of deviation both sides; bone spur removal; Allar... READ MORE

Do These Alterations/techniques Sound Appropriate? (photo)

Surgeon recommended a closed procedure (delivery) to resect my hump and septal spur, osteotomies, columellar strut and prolene sutures to the tip. I... READ MORE

Septal Spur: How long is recovery? What happens to the area where the spur was? How long do the nerves affected take to recover?

I had a large septal spur removed. I had developed Sluder's Neuroglia because of the spur. i still have pain in the left side of my face, facial... READ MORE

What is a nose spur?

I have a nose spur on the left side of my nose bridge making it look like a have a hump but it's only on that side and it's super pointy and thin... READ MORE

Is 10 days post op too soon to judge a rhinoplasty result? I just got my splint off and I am beyond disappointed with what I see

I had an open rhinoplasty on September 19. I had a deviated septum fixed, a bone spur removed, and he was supposed to straighten and lower my bridge,... READ MORE

I had a rinoplasty, deviated septum, NVC, turbunite reduction and bone spurs.

I'm 5 weeks post op and still scabbing A lot more than what the doctor likes . I one huge scab in my entire left nostril and the exact same way on the... READ MORE

Is my nose healing well? Should I be concerned? What should I do?

My nose was bothering me because my snots would always come out with blood, so I decided to visit a doctor. My nose x-rays showed that I had a... READ MORE

Inquiry about a septo-rhinoplasty. If the deviation is corrected and spur removed, would it help with the pain?

There is a growth on my nose after a football injury (a hump - prominent ONLY on my left side of my nose, sharp jagged edge), with severe, sharp pain,... READ MORE

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