Snoring + Rhinoplasty

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When I Was 16 I Broke my Nose but Became Really Deformed, Can I Get Surgery to Fix It?

When i was 16 i was punched in the nose, by after the swellings came down my nose was deformed. The side of my nose is now bent and the bridge of my... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for Fixing Caved in Nose?

My nose is caved in on the left side. It is hard to breathe and I snore sometimes. Will Rhinoplasty fix my nose? READ MORE

3 Years Post Rhinoplasty: Now have open roof deformity, pinched tip, dented tip, devolved loud snoring and allergies (Photo)

I want to go for revision rhinoplasty ! how can I explain my doctor what to correct ? I went to see my doctor many times and he offer me revision but... READ MORE

Snoring after rhino/septoplasty?

I just had my cast removed yesterday from a rhinoplasty in the 29th of October. All is well, but now I'm snoring really badly at night. I never snored... READ MORE

How can I fix my nose? (photo)

I have a very wide nose. I'd like it to be slimmer and not so big all around. What should i get done? Also, I have septum issues and snore loudly. Is... READ MORE

Should I have a second rhinoplasty? I have also started snoring worse after having rhinoplasty is this normal?(Photo)

I used to lightly store before i had rhinoplasty, but my snoring's gone worse, is it normal? Its been 6months since my rhinoplasty and i'm unhappy... READ MORE

Is snoring after Rhinoplasty normal?

Hello I just had augmentation rhinoplasty, tiplasty with alar trimming 11 days ago. I don't usually snore, but my cousin noticed that I have been... READ MORE

How complicated would this be to fix and how expensive? (photo)

My nose was never like this I don't know if I injured it along my many journeys but looking at old photos there is no split like this. I snore very... READ MORE

Should I have a nose job at the age of 15? (Photo)

I've always had a nice small nose until I became the age of 10, my nose started getting bigger and bigger, by my nose I mean the bone on my nose... READ MORE

Do I have an infection deep in my tear duct?

I'm on day 5 of recovery from my rhinoplasty. I've tried breath normally and gently,but I can't control my body while I'm sleeping and I'm worried I... READ MORE

Which procedure would be best for my crooked nose and snoring problem? (photos)

I have had a septoplasty done already due to chronic sinusitis & snoring. I still have trouble breathing through my left side and my snoring is worse... READ MORE

Is my doctor's experience sufficient?

I have a deviated septum with a spur and 70% blockage. I have some breathing and congestion problems through my nose as well as snoring. My doctor is... READ MORE

Is a rhinoplasty necessary to fix any breathing obstructions I have? (photos)

I've had a septoplasty done about a year ago. My snoring is WORSE than before, I still have lots of trouble breathing through my nose (i mostly... READ MORE

Does my situation warrant such a big surgery? I have a deformed nasal tip from removal of 2 BCC s, and a hump on my nose (Photo)

I have a collapsed left nasal tip area, less air flow through my nose and am snoring at night. The surgeon has suggested a rhinoplasty with... READ MORE

Is this a deviated septum or just a crooked nose? (photos)

I have snored all my life however it's been getting worse the last year or so. I also have issues with sinus headaches and pressure quite often. I... READ MORE

Cogested nose 1 and a half month after rhinoplasty. Is this normal?

I have sever congestion and snoring 1 and half month after rhinopasty is this normal? READ MORE

Will my treaty status or insurance pay for the nose that I want?

My nose has been broken a number of times and there is an obvious bend in it along with scarring and nyumbness and my wife says i snore so loudly now... READ MORE

What can be done about what I think is scar tissue from 2 Rhinoplasty that were done 20 years ago?

I broke my nose 2x as a teen & when I turned 19 I had my deviated septum fixed & a little cosmetic work done since, the were there. That surgery... READ MORE

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