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How to Improve Wide Nose and Deep Smile Lines

What can I do to improve the appearance a wide nose and deep smile lines? READ MORE

Is it true or not? Permanent fat loss after rhinoplasty?

Hi, am 2 weeks after my rhinoplasty I noticed that my face After looked older, deeper smiles lines and droppy eyes corners and lips and the cheeks !..... READ MORE

What would be the best way to fix a pushed back nose and a long protruding upper lip? (photos)

I feel as though I have a long lip and a pushed back, small pug nose. From the front it just make my smile lines look worse and from the side it just... READ MORE

What went wrong w/ my tip refinement? I wanted a more refined nose. Why is my smile line lower & tip droopy & wider nose?(photo)

I got a tip regiment nosejob to reduce the bulk on the lower part/ tip area and give it more defentition, he also tucked the nostrils in a tiny bit.... READ MORE

Nerve issue after chin lipo, buccal fat removal, chin implant and rhinoplasty. Unable to smile correctly. (Photo)

I am 6 days post op from surgery that included chin liposuction , buccal fat removal,chin intraoral chin implant and a closed rhinoplasty. My chin... READ MORE

I want to look more feminine - rhinoplasty, chin and smile fillers? (photos)

I'm looking for a doctor to help me look more feminine and create more balance to my face. I'm looking into getting a rinoplasty, chin fillers and... READ MORE

Protruding mouth rhinoplasty in California. (Photo)

I wore braces for my overbite and they were perfect, but I was in an accident where my face was bruised badly and now I have a protruding mouth that... READ MORE

Update to Order of Procedures question

I had asked for advice on whether to have facelift or smile makeover (veneers possibly) done first..thank you to all who replied saying the order... READ MORE

Nose job and some questions (Photos)

The last photo I posted is how I would like my nose to look. Besides having the snapchat filter on slimming my nose and face, I push my nose down in... READ MORE

Fix for a long midface, prominent nasal spine, a low smile line? (Photo)

I have a long midface, which is made up of a long nose and short philtrum, and my top lip is pushed down in the center (photo) (i think this may be... READ MORE

Nose job, smile line removing and lowering hair line. What are my options?

I am a 24 year old asian (male) i want to refine the tip of my nose which is round, remove smile line permanently and to lower my hairline. what are... READ MORE

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