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Post Rhinoplasty: Will my Nose Ever Go Back to Normal?

I had an open rhinoplasty 7 months ago...when the cast was taken off, my nose looked like the first picture, then it has been looking like this for... READ MORE

Alar Rim Graft to Reshape Nostrils and Columella?

I had 3 Rhinoplasties before since I had a very big nose. Dorsum has a silicone implant. Presently, I'm not happy with Alar/nostril thickess, shape (v... READ MORE

What's the Best Material for Nose Implant?

Dear Drs, I want to raise my nose bridge, and the doctor in Yanhee Hospital, Thailand uses silicone implant. I've heard that sillicon is dangerous in... READ MORE

Gortex Vs Silicone Elastomer Silastic Nose Implants?

I need to know what kind of implants that is good for the augmentation of the nose? Gortex or silicone elastomer silastic? Is it true that this 2... READ MORE

Do You Think I Have an Infected Nasal Bridge Implant?

I had a rhinoplasty+alarplaty w/silicone implant 6yrs ago.I didn't encounter any problem not until last 7wks when i started having a watery... READ MORE

How Soon Does Start Skin Thinning After Silicone Implant for Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 4 months ago. I know the rivision can not be done for 8 months or longer from the original surgery. However as the swell start to go... READ MORE

Silicone Injections vs. Ear Cartilage for Nose Asymmetry?

What Are the Pros/cons of Getting Silicone Injections to Even Nose Symmetry Vs Ear Cartiledge Build Up/Rhino-Septo Revision? READ MORE

12 Days Post Op. Really Hate My Nose At This Point

2 yrs ago I got a silicone L-shaped implant on my nose. It had great projection & definition at the bridge but that was it. It shifted, the tip... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Woes - Cartilage or Silicone, Open or Closed Rhinoplasty?

I'm having rhinoplasty next week, i was adamant of having rib cartilage and doing closed rhinoplasty surgery. Because I'm an Asian, the doctor... READ MORE

Is It Too Early to Remove the Silicone Implant in my Nose? Female-asian-24years

I just had my rhinoplasty a week ago (I know it's early) with a L-shaped silicone implant. I didnt realize how having something foreign in my body... READ MORE

The Symptoms of Extruding of the Silicon Implant of the Nose?

I am wondering what is the symptoms of the extruding of the silicon implant of the nose?I have the silicon implant surgery done long time ago in my... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Get a Silicon Nose Job After First One Got Infected?

Hi. im an Asian grl.I had a silicon L- implant and septal cartilage nj in 07. I started seeing a red bump and I could actually see my implant pushing... READ MORE

Removing Silicon Implant After Rhinoplasty Revision?

I had a nose job ( L shape silicon) in 2010.I went to Korea to have the silicon removed. The doctor convinced he would use I-shape silicon+ear... READ MORE

Nose Implant Removal with No Revision? (photo)

I had an L-shaped silicone inserted into my nose 2 years ago. i now want it removed asap. and i don't plan to do any revision. how my nose will look... READ MORE

Which Material Makes the Best Implant for Nose Job?

I have decided to go to seoul for my nose job, as i will have the option of using Silicone, Gore-text or Sili-text as the nasal dorsal implant in the... READ MORE

Use of Medpor in Rhinoplasty for a Flat Nose?

I have a flat nose . I consulted a famous Rhinoplasty doc in New York and he has suggested that I need to have a medpor implant to give my nose the... READ MORE

Slanted Nasal Implant After Rhinoplasty, What's Causing It? What Can I Do?

Hi, I had rhinoplasty done a month ago and now that the swelling has gradually subsided, I see that the silicon implant is gradually slanting to the... READ MORE

What Complications Can I Have from Removing a Nasal Implant?

25 year old asian female: silicone implant removal. 4 years ago I had an L shaped silicone implant inserted into my nose in order to heighten my... READ MORE

Silicon Implant in My Nose 19 Years Ago. Have a Bit of Pain and Gets Red When Very Cold or Hot?

I did the silicon implant in my nose 19 years ago. But I feel pain sometimes in the area of the implant in my nose and also the top of my nose is easy... READ MORE

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