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What Are the Possible Risks in Shaving Down Nose Hump?

I have small hump on my nose (dorsal) part of the prominence resulted from and injury and part I feel was inherited? I never really noticed before I... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Op : Crooked Nose or Uneven Swelling?

Hello,I had open rhino 3 weeks ago to narrow the upper 1/3 nasal 'bones',shaving a slight hump and the tip tweaked for refinement, since the... READ MORE

Why Would There Still Be a Bump if Surgeon Said He Shaved it Completely Down? (Photos)?

I recently just had a closed Rhinoplasty on July 20th & had my bump shaved down. It has been 2 months since my surgery and when I look in the... READ MORE

Fixing the Dorsal Hump on my Nose Without an Osteotomy

I would like it filed down slightly and would like to avoid an osteotomy. I am fine with other aspects of my nose and am not looking for a dramatic... READ MORE

Will a Septo-Rhinoplasty Be Covered by Insurance?

I have a deviated Septum, and after consulting an ENT found out that Septoplasty is the best option for me. However, I also have a bump on my nose... READ MORE

Shaving a dorsal hump, how long is recovery? (photo)

My profile I have a hump and would like it shaven down/removed. I am happy with my nose for the most part but I can't stand the hump! I just want it... READ MORE

Shaving Bump on Bridge with Needle - Is This a Good Idea?

I had rhinoplasty four months ago. the doctor placed ear cartilage spreader grafts to help with breathing. I noticed I have a bump on bridge. The... READ MORE

Crooked Nose After Rhinoplasty Despite Having a Straight Nose Pre-Op?

Hello,I had open rhino 3 weeks ago to narrow the upper 1/3 nasal 'bones',shaving a slight hump and the tip tweaked for refinement, since the... READ MORE

Is There Any Chance I Can Get my Bump Shaved Down Without Anything else Being Done? (photo)

Would i be able to get my dorsal hump just that little bit of a rasp down so that its a straight bridge, i like my nose shape and tip and how it looks... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty to Shave Down Dorsal Hump?

Thank you for your help in advance. I went for a consultation and was recommended that my dorsal hump be shaved down. I found a review by a patient... READ MORE

What Happened to my Eyelids After Rhinoplasty?

I'm a quarter korean. I'm annoyed because my nasal bridge's too high to fit my also has a bump.(& I'm 17) Besides,I've... READ MORE

Question Regarding Shaving the Nose Down Very Slightly?

I am booked for a rhinoplasty next week, I have a protruding tip and deviated septum, my nose is slim and has no dorsal hump so my surgeon thinks I... READ MORE

Shaving After Rhinoplasty

I am 6 and a half weeks post op from my rhinoplasty and im wondering if i can shave the hair of my moustache right under my nasal tip. im afraid ill... READ MORE

Will the Bump and Nose on my Nose Go Away After Swelling?

I had nose surgery and got the bump on my nose bridge shaved down about 5 days ago. The doctor took off the splint today and I first noticed that the... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Shave 10 Days After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 10 days ago, yesterday I had my splint removed. I've grown a moustache so I was wondering, is it safe to shave? I would also... READ MORE

What if my Doctor Shaved my Hump Down Too Much? (photo)

I'm 2 weeks post op. I honestly hate my new nose! Everyone keeps telling me it's the swelling and I'm so tired of hearing that. Swelling has nothing... READ MORE

Bump on Nose Needs Shaved Down: Will the Nose Need to be Broken to do This? (Photo)

I am interested in getting my nose done. However, I wanted to know if the nose had to be broken if you just want to get the bump in your nose shaved... READ MORE

Will Scar Tissues Regrow After Revision?

1 year ago I had my primary rhinoplasty. The bone was shaved and the tip was totally reshaped. After 1 year, my doctor and I realized that my tip is... READ MORE

Is the Hump on my Nose Just Swollen or Did He Not Shave Enough Bone Off?

I had rhinoplasty over a month ago and can still very much feel the bone in my nose being uneven and appears as if it wasn't properly decreased.... READ MORE

Could Shaving Be Enough to Slim my Wide Dorsum, or Do I Require Osteotomy? (photo)

My main concern is the obvius wideness of my nasal dorsum in oblique view. The front view does not disturb me as much. My surgeon advised against... READ MORE

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