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How Visible Will Rhinoplasty Scars Be?

I am scheduled to have an open rhinoplasty to slightly refine my nasal tip. I tend to not scar badly, and I was wondering, how visible will the scar... READ MORE

Best Rhinoplasty Procedure to Fix Wide Nostrils?

I'm caucasian, white female who has very wide nostrils. I usually see nose jobs with people that have a hump. I don't have that at all. My problem is... READ MORE

Chances of Scar Tissue and Other Complications from Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I was wondering what the chances are of scar tissue build up and other complications after Rhinoplasty. I have heard several stories of... READ MORE

Columella Scar Following Rhinoplasty

I am 6 months post open Rhinoplasty and am really unhappy with the appearance of the columella scar. There is a noticeable step on each side, one side... READ MORE

Is Scarring After Open Rhinoplasty Permanent?

Hello i had a revision open rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and i'm worry about the scar. the part that was flipped is red and i don't feel the tip... READ MORE

Should I Have External Scars from a Nose Job?

My bandages are still on but from what i can see it looks like two circles on each side of my nostrils the size of a dime. Is this normal? Am I... READ MORE

Reducing or Eliminating Nostril Scar After Rhinoplasty?

I had Rhinoplasty about 10 weeks ago, and one of my nostrils was reduced as part of the surgery. I like my nose, but hate my nostril scar. I really... READ MORE

Fraxel for Rhinoplasty Scars?

I had a very bad Rhinoplasty by a doctor in India. He cut my nose on both sides from outside, which became two big scars. Then, I had a revision... READ MORE

Chances of Keloid Scarring from Rhinoplasty?

I am considering having Rhinoplasty however I am a bit concerned as I have 1 small keloid scar on my ear and I am worried about keloids developing... READ MORE

Can Scar Tissue from Rhinoplasty Develop 15 Years Later?

Is it possible to develop scar tissue 15 years later after a Rhinoplasty? It must have been happening slowly, but this year, I've really noticed 4... READ MORE

How Bad Are the Scars from Alar Narrowing?

I need to narrow my nostrils. I worry about the scars being noticeable like there are "buggers" coming out of both nostrils. Am I being too... READ MORE

What is the Extent of Alar Base Reduction Scars?

I have a large nose tip and a wide nasal base. I am thinking of undergoing alar base reduction, and I want to know about the scar that I will have on... READ MORE

Options for Treating External Rhinoplasty Scar?

I had rhinoplasty in Sept '08. The surgeon cut thru a small spot on the tip of my nose and I had a couple of very small sutures. As my nose healed,... READ MORE

Will Septoplasty Suture Scars Even Out?

I had Septoplasty done a week ago. The splint and bandages where removed earlier today. I understand there will be swelling for some time and that it... READ MORE

Unusually Thick Scarring Between the Skin and Cartilage 10 Months Post Op

I had an open septo/rhinoplasty 10 months ago (major work in a 3.5 hour surgery). My nose got unusually thick scarring between the skin and cartilage,... READ MORE

Alar Base Scars After Rhinoplasty. What Are Some Treatment Options? (photo)

Hello, Two years ago I had a closed rhinoplasty with alar base surgery.The right side alar base did not attach completely and there was scarring.After... READ MORE

Dermabrasion or Laser Resurfacing to Improve Septorhinoplasty Scar?

I had a Septorhinoplasty (Septoplasty with Rhinoplasty) with alar base reduction 2 months and half ago. The scar in the right side is acceptable but... READ MORE

Scar Revision for Alar Base Reduction Scar?

I have this alar base reduction scar and some surgeons here mentioned that I need to do "scar revision" and things like dermabrasion... READ MORE

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